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Good Afternoon! One more day before the weekend gets here. I have some movie news. Before we began, I want add a video from The Hollywood Reporter on the passing of Nichelle NicholsLt. Uhura, who passed away Saturday at 89.

She is now with the stars…but will be missed.

I wanted to pay my respect to Ms. Nichols, a true pioneer. She will be missed.

The big ripple running throughout Hollywood….the upcoming Batgirl film has been trashed…yes, trashed. Warner Bros. have decided to chuck the film in the garbage, after spending $90 million dollars…lots and lots of money!

Hollywood Reporter will explain the details…

The film will never see the light of day, big screen or streaming…That’s a lot of money to toss! From what I’ve may have heard the film wasn’t really getting positive vibes…Let’s hope the new studio boss knows what he’s doing.

Next up, a film review from Mr. H Reviews. He is reviewing Brad Pitt‘s latest film, Bullet Train.

Finally a review of Prey

I will be watching this on Hulu Friday or over the weekend and will be giving my review.

More updates to come!

Featured image: Pexel

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