Not finished, but it will be soon……

Shadowbox 101

Who created and is behind Shadowbox? That would be me, yours truly, Shelley.

How did it all started? It started back somewhere in September. At the time, I had a movie blog….I forgot the name of it, it’s been that long. I was working during the day and scouring for movies news during the night. The constant upkeep of the blog wore me out. So I decided to try a new approach. Instead of a film blog, how about an art blog? In November 2013, Esquisses was born.

What does Esquisses mean? Actually, esquisse means a first usually rough sketch (as of a picture or model of a statue)

Why did you change the name Esquisses to Shadowbox? I wasn’t comfortable with Esquisses anymore and I wanted something a little bit more edge and Shadowbox did have an edge to it.

Is Shadowbox a group of people or just one person? Unfortunately, there is not a group of people. Just one.

Who is responsible for creating all the blog posts, reviews, and other responsibilities? I am. No one else but me.

Where do you get the information? Research. Lots and lots of research. I look to art sites, galleries, art magazine, literature magazines, art festivals, music festivals, sometimes I would get information from others about certain events and I always double-check. Seriously. It’s always important to double or triple check the information. Sometimes I get emails from those who pass along events for me to post, which I find is a great way to keep contact with.