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Fashion Week London & Things…..

Feb. 17 / 17 Hey again. I just wanted to let you know that Fashion Week New York has ended for the time being, but Fashion Week London has arrived. From February 17 – 21, 2017 fashion is invading London town. Shadowbox will have the beginning posted tomorrow and will also have updates. There will be updates for the Arts & Tutorial and other pages, so please be on the lookout for those. That’s it for now! Enjoy your Friday, be blessed!                                               featured image: unknown Advertisements

Reminders and New Appearance

December 7 / 16 Hey again! Just to remind you that this month at Shadowbox is gonna be short due to the fact that I will be out of the office December 19, 2016 – January 2, 2017. That and also if you see something different with the site, don’t freak out or worry. In the next coming months Shadowbox will be getting a new appearance. I have three in mind that I’m interested in. So that’s it for now. Next week will be the last and there will be a lot of information and things posted, so I suggest you visit and check it out. Enjoy the rest of your week, your weekend, be blessed!                                     featured image: unknown

More Saturday Scene: Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) Update….

September 10 / 16 Updates, updates, updates! The Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF has started Thursday. I just wanted to give you some updates. You do recall that I’ve posted last Saturday about tickets, well I did find something that will get you interested……. cred: tiff  TIFF is holding their first Daily Ticket Draw! All you need to do is check your email each day for free tickets to select Festival Films. How? Well how about going to: Then once your on that page, just follow through! Simple. I wanted to get that out of the way…..It’s Day 3 at TIFF and I hope you caught the Snowden press conference which was featured streaming live earlier this morning. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars at the infamous Edward Snowden, I’m sure you know who that is. Oliver Stone directed the film. Both he and Gordon-Levitt sat down to discuss the political drama. Check out TIFF’s Live Morning Show on their Facebook page: Lastly, I’m sure you already know that TIFF has their own app. You can vote for …

Shadowbox Updates…….Out of the Office Next Week

September 7 / 16 Hello again…..just wanted to give you guys some updates. First, I forgot to mention in the Editor’s Desk, I will be out of the office September 12-16, 2016. During those weeks you can check out the Twitter feed and there will be lots of them! Second, I’m getting a few things in order with Shadowbox’s first literary project and I’m working on a few more projects. I can only pray and hope these can be successful. That’s it for now. Just wanted to let my readers know what’s happening at the moment. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday and be always, always blessed!               featured image: unknown

No Scene Wednesday, But A Special Project is coming…..

June 15 / 16 Good Morning everyone! There is no Scene Wednesday today….lots of great things going on with Shadowbox. Trying to update the page, adding a few new touches here and there. You know when you have worked on something for a long period and you really want it to grow? Well that’s what’s happening here. I’m trying to put together where artists, photographers, and writers can submit their work. It’s in the planning stages now and hopefully can get it posted for all of those who are interested. I’m the type of person who dreams big and man do I have dreams for Shadowbox…..big. Meanwhile I’m getting together Friday’s post and tweeting about music festivals happening this month. So please check back Friday and Saturday for more creative stuff (check Twitter for those music festivals and other things)! Enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed ‘k?         featured image: unknown

News: Volunteers, Additions, etc…

March 5 / 16 Afternoon peeps! Have some news to share with you. First, I’m still looking for volunteers for Shadowbox. It’s beginning to get a bit hectic, but I hope to get some feedback soon. If you’ve haven’t checked out the Art Tips & Tutorial page, you need to. I added a few tutorials several days ago, probably last weekend. Of course more will be added in the coming months. Education Corner, along with Institutions for Creativity, is getting more information added for the next several days as well. It may be quiet at the moment, but trust me, I’m working on next week’s post, and so forth. I’m already on the editor’s desk for April! Lots of things and possible changes going on at Shadowbox. As always, I want to thank you guys for following!               featured cred:    

Announcements & Updates…..

October/4/15 Hey there! Hope everyone is enjoying the last remaining hours of the weekend. Just a few little things to go over…..First off, The Crimson Peak Fan Contest has closed since October 2. I hope some of you were able to enter. That means I need to do a little homework doesn’t it? I’ve added a new addition to the site, Books to Read for the Fall. Of course there will be Winter, Spring, Summer, you get the idea. Be ready for some great exhibitions, Horror film festivals, and other good stuff this Wednesday.       featured image unknown

No Art or Lit Scene…Art Fairs, The Broad opening & Crimson Peak

September 19, 2015 Hey there! Had a very busy few days. Trying to keep up with upcoming art fairs, festivals, getting my art and writing work done….let’s just say it’s catching up with me. Don’t fret though, if you’ve looked on the right side of the blog, you see some interesting things going on. Governor’s Island Art Fair is going on its third weekend this month. For more information about this fair, go to The fair is held every weekend of September. If you live in the area, you still have a chance to check it out! The Broad Grand Opening will be held tomorrow in Los Angeles. According to the Los Angeles Times, there was a gala opening on Thursday, and another yesterday. To get more information about the brand new museum, please go to To read about the gala openings, go here Crimson Peak Fan Contest & Trivia is going, you still have a chance to either come up with a great story or artwork. The trivia answers for Mia Wasikowska …