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Shadow News 3.19.2020

3.19.2020 Afternoon everyone! As I’ve said at the beginning of this year, I’m making added changes to the blog and today we have Shadow News. It’s almost like the news or announcement blogs in the past, but the title is different. Vudu is having a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Viewing Pary tomorrow. I just found this out today! If your a Vudu subscriber and want to RSVP today, take a look at this… The Rise of Skywalker #VuduViewingParty Public  · Hosted by Vudu Friday, March 20, 2020 at 6 PM – 9 PM PDT Tomorrow Announcing the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker #VuduViewingParty Friday, 3/20/206PM PT/ 9 PM ET Celebrate the cumulation of one of the greatest sagas of all time – The Rise of Skywalker. All your training, preparation, and planning have brought you to this moment. Join us for prizes, trivia, and fun. Watch it now PLUS get exclusive collector’s content: For more information please go to this site:   From TIFF A message I received from TIFF Bell …

News: Don’t Mind the Mess…

6. 16. 18 Hey there! If your confused don’t be I’m just trying to decide what theme I want for the blog. This theme here won’t last long, though. It will probably be before or at the end of this year that I will change it to the theme I want. Right now this one suits me. Other news…I’ve posted about Comic-Con last Wednesday. Those who are attending this year, make sure all of your information is clear and correct. Check your badges, hotel reservations, the works. I hope you guys enjoy yourselves and have a whole lot of fun in the process. There will be other changes in the coming months ahead. All blog sites and websites need tweaking right? Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be always blessed.     Image source: unknown

Oscar 2018 Winners, Spring Reads….

March 5 / 18 If any of you seen the Oscars yesterday, great. I’m not posting the full list of winners this year. What I want you to do is to scroll down and on your right, you’ll see the article from the Oscar website for the full list of the winners.Click on the photo and you’ll be directed to the website. Simple, simple, simple. I almost forgot about Spring, which means it’s time to see what books are on the list. March is Women’s History Month and we’ll feature women who paved the way in art, literature, music, all kinds of creative outlets. I haven’t forgotten about Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Check it out this Wednesday for all the catwalk updates. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed.   Image source: unknown

Updates: @ The Event Moved to Saturday & Other news…

February 17 /18 Hello. Just one last post for this weekend. A few updates to share with you guys. @ The Event will be posted on the third Saturday instead of Friday.  More Black History Month things to share with you… Will be looking for volunteers to guest write on the blog. Hopefully interview with artists, musicians, and other great people within the creative community in the coming months. In the meantime, you can follow Shadowboxerinc on Twitter and Instagram. May the rest of your weekend be great, be always blessed!     Image source: unknown

What’s Up….

January 26 / 18 Afternoon everyone! Just wanted to give you a heads up on what’s coming during the last week of this month. Is it that time already? Yes, it is. Creative Close-Up: The DC Extended Universe is Not Dead Reflections: Dream Big, Start Doing It Editor’s Note February 2018 Enjoy your weekend, be blessed!     Image source: unknown

Updates, Updates….

January 20 / 18 Updates…AWP (Association of Writers & Writing Program) Conference & Bookfair and Arts Business Institute Summit… Credit source: AWP   AWP Conference & Bookfair. I’ve posted information about this event and I’m just going to give the key dates. As far as I know, nothing has changed, so is what they have so far… 2018 AWP Conference & Bookfair Tampa Convention Center  & Marriott Tampa Waterside March 7–10, 2018 Key Dates January 4, 2018: Preregistration closes January 5, 2018: Will-call registration opens February 7, 2018: Deadline for accessibility requests February 21, 2018: Deadline to submit offsite events February 21, 2018: Deadline for press pass requests February 21, 2018: Deadline to assign Bookfair Setup Access (BSA) registrations March 7, 2018: Onsite registration opens March 8, 2018: Conference events begin May 1, 2018: #AWP19 event proposal deadline Materials to View/Download Attendee Guide Conference & Bookfair App Social Networking Facebook Event Twitter Use #AWP18 Bookfair Facebook Page Conference Queries Registration 301-226-9716 Conference Events 301-226-9711 Want to know more? Click here to register. You may or may not have time to register, …

Goodbye 2017….Till 2018

December 24 / 17 Just wanted to say hi to you guys. This is my final post for 2017. Shadowboxerinc will be out for this week but will return January 2, 2018. I want to say a big thank you to my followers, who’ve been on this creative journey to find great works in all forms. I can only pray and hope that 2018 will be a year of great changes. So on that note…   Have a safe and Joyous Christmas! Be always, always blessed! See you in January 2018!   Image source: 123greetingmessage & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2018 Wishes Greetings Images

Upadates…..Nov. 28, 2017

November 28 / 17 Hello! Just a short update on what’s going on….. Wednesday Scene: Day for Night 2017 Creative Close-Up: Why I Love DC & Marvel Film Review for Murder on the Orient Express Art and/or Photography events, if any. Enjoy your Tuesday, be blessed.   image source: unknown