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Shadowbox Spotlight: Edgar Allan Poe

October 10 / 16 Hello and Good Morning! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Shadowbox has had a really busy weekend and will have a very busy week! This month’s spotlight goes to Edgar Allan Poe, master of mystery and the macabre, Poe has left a legacy of literature, creativity, and imagination within his stories and poems. I remember discovering him in either middle or high school. As you can see below, there is a documentary video about his life, plus I’ve added some of his most well-known works.     The Tell-Tale Heart   The Black Cat   The Raven (my favorite)   Come back tomorrow for Wednesday Scene. Enjoy these works by Poe and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, be blessed.                                               featured images:

Shadow Spotlight: Arts Business Institute

August 8 / 16 Hello and good morning! The second week of August is here, have a few posts to put this week. First, Arts Business Institute or ABI is this month’s Creative Close-Up. (cred: arts business institute) The Arts Business Institute was founded as a 501(c)(3) organization in 2002 to serve a crucial, common need in the art- and craft-making communities – practical business education for creative entrepreneurs. The Arts Business Institute partners with art nonprofits, business development centers and art education organizations across the nation to provide specialized technical assistance and business education for studio artists, craft professionals and creative entrepreneurs seeking to grow their businesses to a national audience of collectors and galleries. Curriculum:  The Arts Business Institute offers a structured curriculum developed by industry experts over the past 15 years. Courses include product development, production schedules, booth design, display and lighting, gallery negotiations, event marketing, wholesaling, retailing, gallery start-up, credit, collection and sales terms, licensing, intellectual property, pricing, contracts and many other topics. Our Unique Strategy:  Many artists struggle with the day-to-day …

Shadow Spotlight: Artsy Shark

July 11 /16 Good Morning! The weekend has come to an end and now it’s time to crunch. This will be a short week for Shadowbox, but don’t worry, we got great creative information to pass along. First, today’s Creative Close-Up goes to Artsy Shark. What is Artsy Shark? Well, as it states on the website, Artsy Shark inspires artists to build better businesses. Founded by Carolyn Edlund, Artsy Shark provides business tips to artists who want to take their craft to a whole another level. To marketing, selling, building relationships with retailers and galleries, to target your market, mentoring, one-on-one consultations, and so on. Artsy Shark not only educates artists, but helps promote their work, that’s where Featured Artists comes in. All you have to do is submit your artwork, providing a jury fee, and that’s where the promotion begins. Plenty of it. Another way to keep up with opportunities, offers, and other notifications, you can become a subscriber. Just recently, the site has now added their new online art gallery. So to conclude, Artsy …