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Shadow Spotlight: 5Rhytms

5.20.19 Hello everyone! Hope everybody enjoyed their weekend, even though it was too fast! 5Rhytms is today’s Shad0w Spotlight. What is 5Rhytms? Read below to find out… Credit: 5Rhytms Wikipedia’s description of 5Rhytms:  5Rhytmsis a movement meditation practice devised by Gabrielle Roth in the late 1970s.[2] It draws from indigenous and world traditions using tenets of shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical and eastern philosophy. It also draws from Gestalt therapy, the human potential movement, and transpersonal psychology. Fundamental to the practice is the idea that everything is energy, and moves in waves, patterns, and rhythms. Roth was a dancer and a musician. In 1977, she founded the Moving Center. The center offers workshops, which according to the website offers to dive deep into the investigation of the 5Rhytms.  Rhythm Emotion Stage of life Way of perceiving Aspect of self Flowing Fear Birth Being Body Staccato Anger Childhood Loving Heart Chaos Sadness Puberty Knowing Mind Lyrical Joy Maturity Seeing Soul Stillness Compassion Death Healing Spirit To see more about 5Rhytms here are a few videos.  There are workshops and classes across the globe. Go to …

Shadow Spotlight: Maggie Gyllenhaal

4.22.19 Hey there! It feels pretty weird being back after a week away, but it’s good to be back because it’s time to get creativity back in the swing. As I promised this month’s Shadow Spotlight belongs to Maggie Gyllenhaal. When it comes to actors, I really don’t have a lot of words. It’s their work that speaks volumes and Gyllenhaal’s definitely speaks a lot. You should see her in HBO’s The Deuce as former prostitute now porn director, Eileen ‘Candy’ Merrell.  I have found two videos, the first describes her performances to a t…   Here’s a clip from season 1 of The Deuce episode 5 What Kind of Bad. Here is Method Man’s character Rodney, a pimp offering his services for Gyllenhaal’s Candy, who has no pimp. She just suffered a terrible beating from one of her clients and you can clearly see that she’s just fed up with the whole prostitute business, but finds interests in a new business venture. I just find Gyllenhaal’s work fascinating. Indeed like the narrator stated in …

Shadow Spotlight: Creatively Iconic Women

3.18.19 Hello, lovelies! Another week is beginning and I wanted to do something special today. It’s the third Monday, which means Shadow Spotlight. Instead of focusing on one person, I’m gathering together a group of women who have made a creative mark. In art, photography, music, all avenues of creativity. Grace Jones, Marina Abramovic, Cyd Charisse, and Eartha Kitt are on top of a long list. It is Women’s History Month, right? Here are some women who really made an impression on me. GRACE JONES What can I say about this lady here? With her androgynous looks and outrageous style, she shows no signs of slowing down, even after five decades!         MARINA ABRAMOVIC The pioneer of performance art, I didn’t know who this woman was until several years ago. Her works may seem a bit weird, sometimes violent, but its the performance…the human condition, that gets your attention. I’m I a fan? I don’t know. I may not agree with her art, but again I just think she’s interesting.      …

Shadow Spotlight: Michael W. Thomas

2.18.19 Hey everyone! A new week has arrived and I have someone I like you to meet. His name is Micheal W. Thomas, a friend of the family and a really good photographer and February’s Shadow Spotlight. Here I’ve talked with Mr. Thomas about his love of photography… Can you recall a time when you first held a camera? As a youth probably my sister’s Brownie camera, my dad was reluctant to let me handle his. When did you know you wanted to be a photographer? I had an interest when I was young, my dad bought me a camera kit where I had to assemble a camera and maybe took a few shots with it. We were provided a camera in my Humanities course in High School for a project. I, of course, wanted to be photographer following around our 3 kids, but it was 3 years ago that I became very interested and had a dear friend give me some lessons and I was smitten. What do you want people to learn when …

Shadow Spotlight: Marsai Martin

1.14.19 Hello creative peeps, Monday has come upon us. I almost couldn’t figure out what to do with Shadow Spotlight and then it hit me. Ms. Marsai Martin is in the spotlight and there is a valid reason. She’s only been in the world of LaLa Land for a minute, but she’s been making some big waves. Case in point…For the past few days, I caught a new trailer for a film titled Little. It stars Regina Hall, as Jordan Sanders, Issa Rae as April, and Martin as a young Jordan Sanders.  As I watched the trailer Martin pretty much stole the show. If she looks familiar to you, that’s because she stars in ABC’s Blackish as Diane Johnson for which she received several award nominations. Other roles include Nina, An American Girl-Melody 1963: Love Has to Win, Elena of Avalor, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.  She’s also the executive producer of Little, which at the age of 14, is the youngest person in Hollywood to hold that title! Martin’s career is already on fire and I’m …

Shadow Spotlight: Tribute of 2018

12.17.18 Hello, I wanted to do something different with Shadow Spotlight. I wanted to do a tribute to those who passed away and also left a mark across all art forms.   France Gall Edwin Hawkins Dolores O’Riordan   Hubert de Givenchy Philip Kerr R. Lee Ermey Avicii Margot Kidder Kate Spade Anthony Bourdain Steve Ditko Henry Butler Aretha Franklin Neil Simon Burt Reynolds Mac Miller Al Matthews Arthur Mitchell Otis Rush Eduardo Arroyo Stan Lee Roy Clark Bernardo Bertolucci Robert Morris Nancy Wilson   Enjoy your Monday, be blessed.   Featured and other images: University of Limerick & Wikipedia  

Shadow Spotlight: Anne Rice

11.19.18 Happy Monday everyone! I wanted to return to literature, a writer who has resurfaced into my radar. This month’s Shadow Spotlight belongs to Anne Rice. If you don’t know who she is, let me jog your memory…Interview With the Vampire or Queen of the Damned? A writer of gothic, erotic, and then later Christian literature, Rice, is one of those writers that have put a definite stamp in vampire fiction. Rice’s books have sold over 100 million copies, which makes her the most popular authors in American history.  I’ve found a few videos of interviews with the writer to give you an insight into Rice and her views on being a writer and a few other things.          Her newest novel, Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat, which continues into the Vampire Chronicles, has just been released. You can find the newest book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed.    Image source:

Shadow Spotlight: The Works of Herb Ritts

10.15.18 Hello! Wanted to put the spotlight on the late Herb Ritts. Madonna, Johnny Depp, Denzel Washington, including supermodels Cindy Crawford, and Noami Campbell have graced the late photographer’s lenses. He was also a video director for Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Chris Isaak. I will let his works speak for him.         I can’t describe his works, but again, these people who worked with him can describe it. He left a beautiful mark in the field of photography. Enjoy your Monday, be blessed.    Image source: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame