June 29, 2014

Hola! The weekend is winding down to a close and so is June. We’re still enjoying the summer, family reunions, vacations, etc, etc.

Still enjoying what summer is, what it means. The 4th of July is coming in just a few days! We’re also hitting the half-way mark of the 2014 year. Where did the time go? Well….creativity.

Ok, what I’m I talking about? Our creative minds, our thinking has taken us to great ways of creating new things, for instance, writers have creatively seeked new stories to tell, characters. For those in the arts, we create another world, a time, place, things. Our minds overflow with great ideas on what our next piece should look and sound like. Maybe there is such a thing as too much overflow. As I’ve said before, we have to take the time to breathe. Let’s not forget to set a few changes in our way of thinking and creating.

It’s ok to put aside every once in a while. Just let your mind breathe!




May 31, 2014

Hello again everybody! May is over….getting half way through this year). Summer is around the corner and some of you are already getting ready to take that vacation or holiday away from all the daily mess of life.

We all know that stress is the number one enemy. Doesn’t matter if you work in the industrial, corporate, political, even those in the creative community suffer from stress as well. Most people would rather just suck it up and go along with it, but that just make things complicated or worse, you could wind up on a hospital bed….

Take the time to stop what you’re doing, your health is the most important thing you can’t bargain with. Start planning that trip you always wanted, Mexico, Ireland, Fiji….or maybe just drive across the US or better yet a spa. We all need to get away from all.

Just to slow down, take the time to enjoy the environment, the moment.  BREATHE!



February 27, 2014

Good Morning where ever you are! February is gone and we have another Reflections here with the important question, with a perfect answer.

I’m sure some of us have asked….Why is Black History Month important? Well, I’ve asked this myself and here’s the answer.

African-Americans have accomplished to push and inspire us. They’ve paved the way to make things better and sacrificed their lives to give us a strong foundation. A foundation that has continue to carry on this day. Without their dedication, we wouldn’t have the voice to carry that legacy.  African-Americans, as with Hispanics, Asians and so forth, got fed up with idiosyncracies of America. Each of them decided to not only do something, but dedicate their lives to fighting injustice. It sound’s a bit corny, but it’s the truth.  Example, The Black Arts Movement. As I’ve said in the report, this movement gave African-Americans more power to speak their minds politically, intellectually, and artistically. They didn’t hold back anything.

It’s important that future generations learn and understand the history. If Rosa Parks didn’t stand up for what she believed in, then we’ve would’ve still been sitting in the back of those buses.

So in point, we celebrate Black History Month because we need to know the people, the past, present, and future. Honestly, we shouldn’t celebrate for just one month, we need to celebrate everyday.

name canvas



January 30, 2014

Hello. This month is over and of course some or a lot of you made resolutions before 2014 came around. I used to make resolutions a long time ago, but for the past several or more years, I’ve nixed it. Reason is because let’s face it, if I say that my resolution is to lose weight or take up a class, for the most part, I wouldn’t stick to them. I know me. Most of you probably do the same thing. You make your list and don’t even touch them.

To be honest, I think making resolutions are a complete waste of time. I call it goals or life goals. We all have goals in our lives that we want to make. Doesn’t matter  if it’s professional, personal, or spiritual. For me I have some goals that I want to stick with this year of 2014, but it’s not only for this year only. Like I said, these are life goals. I have not only professional, but also personal.

Art wise, I want to do better with my artistic skills, to focus on what’s important and not about the petty stuff. We get so caught up with all the drama and stupid hoopla, that we’re not focusing on the important things. I know I get all spazzed out about the most idiotic stuff, my focus is thrown out the window. Another thing: time. We waste so much time, just procrastinating. That’s something I’ve been working on for years and yes it a goal I’m still reaching.

So some advice. If you have goals you want to reach, start writing them down. Stick with them, don’t let anything or anyone distract you from those goals and don’t procrastinate. It’s not going to take overnight. It takes time and effort. Don’t worry about the small things, just keep your focus on what you want in life.

February 2014 is up so check back tomorrow for what’s in store. Have a good Thursday and as always, be blessed!