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Something to Tide You Over for Halloween

10.31.18 Hello again! Just wanted to do something for Y’all who love Halloween. Found some clips from some films that I and those of you that grew up with. Take a look…   HELLRAISER (1987) Who doesn’t remember this film?    THE HOWLING (1981)   THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (1991)   DRACULA (1931)     My favorite! PSYCHO (1960)   Another favorite of mine…JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING (1982) Enjoy the rest of your evening…be safe…Happy Halloween.   Image source: Bloody Disgusting 

Reflections: Gothic Halloween in Poetry

10.31.18 Hello everyone! Last day of October, how about some poetry? Again? Yes, again, but this time with some gothic themes to it. Here are three to read…   Ravenna by Oscar Wilde (Newdigate prize poem recited in the Sheldonian Theatre Oxford June 26th, 1878. To my friend George Fleming author of ‘The Nile Novel’ and ‘Mirage’) I. A year ago I breathed the Italian air, – And yet, methinks this northern Spring is fair,- These fields made golden with the flower of March, The throstle singing on the feathered larch, The cawing rooks, the wood-doves fluttering by, The little clouds that race across the sky; And fair the violet’s gentle drooping head, The primrose, pale for love uncomforted, The rose that burgeons on the climbing briar, The crocus-bed, (that seems a moon of fire Round-girdled with a purple marriage-ring); And all the flowers of our English Spring, Fond snowdrops, and the bright-starred daffodil. Up starts the lark beside the murmuring mill, And breaks the gossamer-threads of early dew; And down the river, like a flame …

Creative Close-Up: The Future of the DC Extended Universe

10.30.18 The folks at Warner Bros. and DC have decided to push back the release date of WW84, the upcoming sequel to 2017’s success Wonder Woman. Now they are pushing back production and filming of The Flash standalone film and that won’t be released till 2021! What is WB/DC doing?  I wasn’t too happy with the change of WW84, but I can understand why they’re pushing the release date. The first Wonder Woman film was released in June and did fantastic at the box office. The release date has been pushed back three times. Previously the date was set for December 13, 2019, then November 1, 2019, but now the official date is June 5, 2020. The magic month of June gave them box office success the first time, why not try it again? Not only that but if the date was November 2019, the Amazon Princess would be in competition with the new Terminator film, then Charlie’s Angels (why!?)…I can only see WW84 in competition with Terminator, not really. This was a financial business …

Scary Saturday: Short Scary Films pt.2

10.27.18 Well, this is the last Saturday for October and I’m doing another scary short film for today. Take a look at these gems…   Good but so sad.     This is one is very creepy!           This last one made my hairs stand up! Literally! Hope you liked the short films and I also hope it didn’t give you too much of a scare! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, be blessed!   Image source: designtrends

Just In Update*: Artsty Shark Looking for Featured Artists

10.27.18 Just saw this information recently. Artsy Shark is looking for Featured Artists for their website. The deadline is November 1. So for those of you who would or want to be featured, this is your opportunity! Here are the details from their website… Credit source: Artsy Shark   Artsy Shark is seeking 48 artists to feature and promote in the coming months and has issued a Call for Artists to receive submissions. Artists creating work that falls into the categories of painting, drawing, sculpture, clay, fiber, glass, wood, printmaking, jewelry and other mediums are invited to apply for consideration. Featured articles present each artist’s story, inspiration, technique, and portfolio. All features are promoted heavily through social media and email to our wide audience. Each article is permanent, and always shareable. Since 2010, more than 1,200 artist features have been published, and are viewable in our “Featured Artist Gallery” which can be found here. Selection is made through a competitive juried process, with a fee of $20 to apply. Not all artists will be selected. Artists who …

Favorite Scary Film: Sorry, Wrong Number

10.24.18 Hey there, time for another favorite film of mine. A classic one at that. Sorry, Wrong Number. It’s not a scary film per say, but it does give me a bit of the chills, especially the last fifteen minutes! Who doesn’t love old school movies?   Due to a telephone glitch, Leona Stevenson (Barbara Stanwyck), a controlling heiress confined to a wheelchair, overhears a conversation about a plan to kill a woman. Unable to leave her home or reach her husband (Burt Lancaster), and written off by the police, Leona struggles to uncover the truth through a series of phone calls that only lead her deeper into a mystery, which may involve her college rival, Sally (Ann Richards), and a scheme to sell pharmaceuticals on the black market. Released on September 1, 1948, this film noir thriller delivers. With great performances from Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster, the film based on a 1943 radio play, has become a classic for me.  The film is available on DVD, iTunes, Amazon, and on and on. Just …

Scary Saturday: Artwork

10.20.18 Stories, short film, now artwork. I’ve been scouring to find scary and disturbing artwork for this October. Here are several that might scare, creep, or make you squirm.                 Like what you see with these artworks? I hope so. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, be blessed. Image source:

WkndUpdate: Comic Submissions from Image Comics

10.20.18 So you wanna write or draw for comic books? Well, I’m sure some of you have already known this, but for those who don’t, I’m going to pass along on how you can get your submissions into the comic or graphic novel world. Here is one for Image Comics. This is from their submissions page, just a peek at what they expect. Credit source: Image Comics HOW TO SUBMIT TO IMAGE COMICS: Image Comics only publishes creator-owned material. We do not contract creators; we’re only interested in publishing original content for which you would retain all rights. Please do not submit any work that utilizes already-existing characters—Image characters or otherwise—as they will automatically be declined. Image Comics publishes creator-owned/creator-generated properties and WE DON’T PAY PAGE RATES. Image takes a small flat fee off the books published and it will be the responsibility of the creators to determine the division of the remaining pay between their creative team members. Things often change from proposal to the printed page. If the intended title of your book is awkward or …