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Editor’s Letter / December 2019

12.2.19 Vol: 7 #12 The last month of 2019 has arrived and it’s gonna be packed with really neat stuff! The Best of 2019 in art, fashion, film, music, games, photography…it will all be revealed. Normal postings like new album releases and music festivals for December will be posted, along with film updates and reviews.  There will also be postings for upcoming events happening in 2020, so please keep visiting the site for updates.  Alright, now that I got that off my chest, let’s get started…Let December 2019 begin!           Featured image: GetWallpapers  

Shadowboxerinc Celebrates 7th Anniversary

11.10.19 Well, today is the day… Seven years ago I wanted to create a blog about art, to create a platform for those who love art. Not only art but other art forms such as film, fashion, gaming, music, theater, performance art, photography, literature… So today Shadowboxerinc is 7 years old.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!   Oh, let’s not forget…it’s also Veteran’s Day. Let’s give thanks to the men and women who served in the military.    Featured and other images: & Fox59

From the Editor: November 2019

11.1.19 Vol: 7 / #11 Hello! A new month has arrived and more changes are around the corner.  Music-wise Gang Starr, Hootie and the Blowfish, Miranda Lambert, Kele, and more are coming with new album releases. Fourteen new music festivals are coming or already beginning.  Music and film reviews will be posted this month. Speaking of films, tickets for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker are available. You can go to Fandango, AMC, and other venues to get tickets. November is also the month to celebrate Native American Heritage. I will be researching Native American artists, photographers, writers, poets, and more will be this month’s Shadow Spotlight.  Of course, this is the month to celebrate Shadowboxerinc’s 7th Anniversary, so I will also do something special for that too. So goodbye October…Hello November!           Featured image:

No MidWk Updates

10.30.19 Hello…just wanted to drop by to tell you that there will be no MidWeek Updates. So enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed! But please check back tomorrow…     Featured image: Wallpaper Access

Shadow Spotlight Week…

10.22.19 Hello everyone! It’s Shadow Spotlight Week. This week I want to focus on the horror, the scary….well we are still in the month of October so why not. I’m setting the blog posts up for this week with lots of great things, to horror stories, movies, tv shows, art, and on and on. So be prepared for some scary fun stuff! Featured image: HDWallSource