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Wknd Update: Marvel & Wonder Woman 84

5.2.2020 Hello again everyone. Just a few things to wrap up. I know I posted Marvel‘s upcoming release dates for the next phase right? Well, it looks like they switched it again. I’m at the point where I want to say enough already. Take a look to get the full explanation from Screen Rant…     And I have Mr. H Reviews about Wonder Woman 84. Possible spoiler alert…I turned the volume down. I don’t wanna know just yet! I almost forgot, Happy Belated Birthday Gal Gadot! (April 30). Ok, I’m done for the time being. Till Monday…enjoy the rest of your weekend, be safe, be healthy, be blessed!   Featured image: Reddit

Cool: Black Widow

12.3.19 Some movie trailers are dropping this week and two have popped up to get me interested. First is the teaser trailer…well about eleven seconds…of the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, but I wanted to show Black Widow, cause I’m a bit excited that she is now getting her own film. Here’s the official teaser trailer… Marvel is busy, busy, busy with their upcoming films. Did you like the teaser trailer for Black Widow? Another trailer is on the way…   Featured image: Mashable India  

Creative Close-Up: There Is Room for All Cinema

10.28.19 I’ve been itching to write about this. It is the perfect subject for this month. Some of you have read about Martin Scorses‘s opinion about Marvel movies. For those who haven’t let me fill you in.  Scorsese is promoting his latest film, ‘The Irishmen‘, and someone asked him about Marvel films. His response: “Honestly, the closest I can think of them, as well made as they are, with actors doing the best they can under the circumstances, is theme parks,” He also adds, “It isn’t the cinema of human beings trying to convey emotional, psychological experiences to another human being.” Ok, but then he had to touch the subject a few more times, “We shouldn’t be invaded by it,” and  “We need cinemas to step up and show films that are narrative films.” Francis Ford Coppola said that Marvel films are despicable, then Jennifer Aniston added to the pot, that she’s not interested in living in a green screen. To be honest, these are their own opinions, and I respect them, but they fail to …

Film Review: X-Men Dark Phoenix

6.10.19 Hello again…got a film review for you courtesy of Mr. H Reviews and boy does he have a lot to say on this film here, X-Men Dark Phoenix. As for me, I think I’ve seen enough X-Men films to know that they might as well hang it up. HANG.IT.UP! Unless Disney takes it and makes it better, which I doubt, just hang it up. I knew this one wasn’t up to good standards. Here is Mr. H’s take on Dark Pheonix…oh Spoiler Warnings. For those who haven’t seen it, don’t look at the rest of the film review video.  If you enjoyed this review like I did, please follow him on his YouTube channel Mr. H Reviews. Enjoy your Monday, be blessed.   Featured image: Digital Spy

Cool: Captain Marvel

9. 19. 18 I’m sure some of you have heard about Marvel’s superhero film Captain Marvel and when we were going to see a trailer. Well, yesterday we got our wish… I don’t really know a lot about Captain Marvel and her story, but I’m interested in seeing the movie. What did you guys think? Enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed.  Image source:  Techaeris &  Polygon

Film Review: Avengers: Infinity War

May 16/ 18 Ok…my review of Avenger’s: Infinity War is here, but I decided to do this another way. In video form. I hope to do this in the near future. Bare with me though, the lighting is not good and all that jazz, but I’m trying. Over time it will get better. Forgive me for rambling, but this is a spoiler free review because you still have people who have not seen it yet! What did you think? Leave your comments and we’ll talk! Enjoy the rest of your Hump Wednesday, be blessed!     Image source: Cosmos Magazine &

Film Review: Black Panter

February 20 / 18 Hello everyone! It’s time for a film review. Not Fifty Shades Free…who cares about that film. I’m talking about the newest superhero film from Marvel, Black Panther. This review will be short, very short. Here are my thoughts on the film…   Awesome Inspirational It’s not your average superhero film. It’s a film for everyone. For me, as a Black woman, it’s good to see Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Guria, Angela Bassett, and Letitia Wright as strong, capable women able to take care of business. Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, and the rest of the cast were great. Boseman brought wisdom and strength to his role as T’Challa. Director Ryan Coogler did an awesome job with his first foray to bring the story of the Wakandan king. It brought the action, drama, and everything else in between. What time to bring this film in the month of Black History.     That’s it. I said that it was going to be short. If you haven’t seen Black Panther, it’s a must that you …

Weeknd Scene: Super Digital

February 3 / 18 Hello everyone! Short, but simple post. I mentioned that two films are coming to digital this month, right? Something to do with a dude with a hammer and a group of superheroes creating a team? One Marvel, the other DC…Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League are coming to digital.   THOR: RAGNAROK / February 20 DVD/Blu-Ray: March 6             JUSTICE LEAGUE / February 13  DVD/Blu-Ray: March 13     Both will be available on iTunes and VUDU. As of right now, you can pre-order one or both films. That was short but simple and to the point. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, be blessed.     Image source: AppleInsider, The HD Room, Cosmic Book News,, & Geeks of Color