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Spring Reads 2017

March 21 / 17 Spring is officially here. That means it’s time for Spring Read 2017. Found twelve that just may interest you….                 Lincoln in the Bardo – George Saunders                           The Refugees – Viet Thanh Nguyen                           The Child – Fiona Barton                         Amberlough: A Novel – Lara Elena Donnelly               … Continue reading Spring Reads 2017

Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

Feb. 27 / 17 Hello! I wanted to share a poem by James Baldwin to celebrate Black History. Notice that I didn’t say Black History Month. Black History, Native, Hispanic, Asian… all American History.  Staggerlee wonders – Poem by James Baldwin I always wonder what they think the niggers are doing while they, the pink and alabaster pragmatists, are containing Russia and defining and re-defining and re-aligning China, nobly restraining themselves, meanwhile, from blowing up that earth which they have already blasphemed into dung: the gentle, wide-eyed, cheerful ladies, and their men, nostalgic for the noble cause of Vietnam, nostalgic … Continue reading Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

Black History in Literature….Magdala Compere

Feb. 6 / 17 In honor of Black History Month, Shadowbox will feature all forms of creativity from the minds of past, present, and future African-Americans, who continue to inspire us.   The Color Black (Black Pride) by Magdala Compere As I was looking for a poem to show my pride I saw some things that made my black skin want to hide They take the proud color of black and turn it into lies With the junk that fills our people’s minds Black is the color of blindness In which my dark path seems Black is the color of darkness … Continue reading Black History in Literature….Magdala Compere