Reflections: Let Summer 2016 Begin

June 28 / 16 Well, June is about to close and we’re starting the half of the year. Pretty soon Christmas will be around the corner! As you know Summer officially began June 20, but to me it started after Memorial Day. Lots of things to do during this time of the year. The kids are out of school. Besides sitting in front of the tv or computer, the kids get out and put their creative brains and physical bodies to work. As for us adults, we take a week or so off from work to relax, visit families, and … Continue reading Reflections: Let Summer 2016 Begin

Creative Close-Up: Art Talks With Stephen Silver

June 27 / 16 Hello! Enjoyed the weekend and this week will be packed. Stephen Silver is here with Art Talks, which will last till the end of this year. Lots of advice from someone who knows the game in the art world…..   Art Talk 1: Seeking Balance in Art   Art Talk 2: Missing in Portfolios   Art Talk 3: Being Born an Artist   Art Talk 4: Graduating Students   Art Talk 5: Know What Kind of Art You Do Stephen Silver YouTube Hope these talks really inspire you to start a career in … Continue reading Creative Close-Up: Art Talks With Stephen Silver

Creative Spotlight: Art21

June 13 / 16 Hello and good morning! The weekend came and went too fast, but it was a nice one. I’m taking a different approach with this month’s creative spotlight. I’m putting the focus on Art21. (Wikipedia) Art21 is a PBS series, educational resource, archive, and history of contemporary art. It premiered in 2001, and is now broadcast in over 50 countries worldwide. Premiering a new season every two years, Art:21 is the only series on United States television to focus exclusively on contemporary visual art and artists. It is a nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to make contemporary art … Continue reading Creative Spotlight: Art21

Editor’s Desk: June 2016

June 1 / 16 Volume 4 / #6 Hello everyone! May has gone and June is here. Not too much going on this month, but that doesn’t mean I can’t pass along a wealth of information within the creative world right? For those that attended the AWP Conference & Bookfair  which was held last month in Los Angeles, the next one will be held in Washington D.C. The next available information will be up for the Scene Wednesday’s post and I will keep tabs on the event throughout this year. Summer is also the time for workshops. Doesn’t matter if … Continue reading Editor’s Desk: June 2016