At the Museum: Kids Summer Guide 2015

At the Museum: Kids Summer Guide 2015

June 19, 2015

Hey! It’s that time again as Shadowbox takes a look at what museums across the country have in store for the kids. They’re out of school for the Summer and they need to have a creative outlet. Sitting watching TV and playing video games are not the answer. I’ve found three museums that can keep the kids busy…..just a reminder that each description is from their websites.



from their websites:

De Young Museum / San Francisco, CA
Spend your summer making art at the de Young! Summer art classes for children ages 6–12 are taught by professional artist-teachers. Classes include explorations of the museum’s galleries, adventures in Golden Gate Park, and visual and performing art activities.
Classes take place from 9 am to 3 pm in the de Young galleries, the Hamon Tower studio classrooms, and selected sites in Golden Gate Park. Children are grouped according to age; individual attention is given to all children, from beginner to advanced level. An optional Open Studio from 3 to 5:30 pm allows for less-structured time in the studio classrooms.
A supervised lunch period is provided for all campers. Campers must bring their own lunch.
The five-day session run Monday through Friday: classes run June 15 through August 7, 2015.
Camp Enrollment Has Begun!
de Youngsters Members: January 1–February 3, 2015
Open Enrollment for Members & Non-Members: Starting February 4–June 14, 2015 (it wouldn’t hurt to check if the enrollment is still open)
Sign up for Summer Art Camp online.
De Young Museum / 50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA 94118 / (415) 750.3600
Columbus Museum / Columbus, GA
All classes and camps are held at the Columbus Museum in Columbus, Georgia.Camps are held in the Spring and Summer. Art classes will be held periodically on Saturdays in the Studio. Classes will be taught by a local art teacher. Classes will be posted on this page as they come available.
To sign your child up for a camp or an art class, see the registration links below. For more information, contact the Education Department at
2015 Summer Camps Brochure
Summer Camp Registration is now open.  Register here!
Weekdays/9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Cost: $120 Members/$140 Future Members
The Columbus Museum / 1251 Wynnton Rd, Columbus, GA 31906 / (706) 748.2562


Experience an environment that applauds personal interpretation and advances creative thought. The Dixon promotes interest in the arts and horticulture through specific programming for children, adults, and outreach groups.
07/25/2015, 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Have you always wanted to go camping but didn’t know where to start? This summer is your chance to learn all about it. The Dixon will be hosting the Art of Camping a family event where you can get camping tips, make unique art projects, look at the stars, enjoy traditional camp snacks and test your explorer skills. So get your gear ready and head over to the Dixon! Free. Outdoor program (weather permitting).
Dixon Gallery & Gardens /  4339 Park Ave, Memphis, TN 38117 / (901) 761.5250
This is just the tip of the iceberg, but there will be more in July and August. If you live in these areas, you can either go to those museums or check their websites for more information on summer programs or events for the kids or the whole family.
Enjoy your Friday, came back tomorrow for Artscene Weekend. Be blessed!


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Artscene Stuff: Governor’s Island Art Fair Call for Artists Extended Deadline

Artscene Stuff: Governor’s Island Art Fair Call for Artists Extended Deadline

June 10, 2015

Good Morning! Artscene has arrive for the second Wednesday to deliver a few good things. First I have some news from Governor’s Island Art Fair. Would you like to participate in this year’s fair? Well be thankful, because you still have a chance!



from website:

Call for Artists –
We hear you… You need more time
So, many artists are asking for a little more time. So we are extending the deadline. We hope this makes life a little easier..
The 8th Annual Governors Island Art Fair – New York’s Largest Independent Exhibition
Gems Among the Ruins” – New York Times
Seeking independent artists worldwide working in all disciplines; Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Installation, Video, and Sound Art. Submit your work for the 2015 Governors Island Art Fair opening this September. GIAF – New York’s largest independent exhibition – will once again feature one hundred artists of exceptional talent, each awarded an exhibition room or large outdoor space in the historic and beautifully dilapidated buildings of Colonels Row. The lines between artwork and its environment are blurred across the lawns and landmark houses of bucolic Governors Island. Founded by 4heads, a group of New York artists, GIAF champions a new art fair model that puts the artists first.
Once selected by the 4heads jury, your exhibition space is free. The entire massive event is free to the general public. And as an emerging or established artist, you are free to present your work, your way, at this acclaimed independent art fair in New York City. Because 4heads works hard to keep artists’ costs to a bare minimum, gallery scouts, journalists and collectors know that this is where to find the freshest talent, and they come back every year to see what’s been discovered. Many past GIAF artists have launched their art careers here. We hope you can too. – 4heads
Apply at:
More info at:
Deadline for Submission: June 15, 2015
Application Fee: $35  –  No Additional Charges
Fair Dates: Every Weekend in September 2015
Oh….almost forgot:
Outdoor Sculptors Wanted:
Seeking outdoor artists in all media. 4heads awards many artists each exhibition space outside their historic buildings. Once selected, exhibition space is free. GIAF is free to the public. Gallery scouts, journalists and collectors know this is where to find new talent.Apply now at


Alright, you have till Monday to enter so if your interested, please go to the site and submit! Have one more thing to tell you, but you need to check back later to see what it is.

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Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

August 17 2015

Morning all! Saulius is this Summer’s Spotlight Artist and he is a talent to watch for. Here is the artist in his own words.


Hello, I’m Saulius. I’m a 25 yr-old artist from Lithuania. It all began in school, when I would get bored during class, I would start sketching. It was 5 years ago, when I drew my first sketch, which you see below.


My friends saw my drawings and encouraged and motivated me to give it a try. They suggested that I try tattoos, but I was never interested in that, so I started to draw portraits of people. I was surprised by how well I drew them. I made this first portrait, the first portrait I was paid for.


When I acquired more skills, I was interested in anamorphic and 3D illusions on paper. The first drawing I made were from my own eyes and then I would use my phone camera to correct these drawings, like this one here.


I was practising with photorealistic drawings, things from still life. Years later I decided to make my first color drawing, with color pencils and soft pastels. I made Super Mario in 3D on paper and I began to get a better understanding about anamorphic art. People began to really like the Mario portrait.


After a few weeks, I had the desire to make more anamorphic art and then I began to take that art to the streets. My routine started after work. Once I got off work, I would go home to get the materials I needed. I would take one of my drawings as a market, using only chalk and charcoal to make this drawing in the picture below.


It took two days to complete. A journalist from the city newspaper saw me working on the drawing and decided right away to take a photo and write a story about it. By the time I got to my job Monday, I was told about my art work near the school. They called it a “monster.” The directors of the school said that I need to clean this art from the ground, because it scared the children, but I didn’t listen. I got support from a lot of people.



A few weeks later I took to the streets again. I began to draw with colors to improve my skills and this time I chose Super Mario so that my work wouldn’t frighten the children. When summer was over, I drew my first piece of art in the shopping center and continued to improve my skills with 3D art on paper.


I always prefered to make art with something more mystic and scary, to attract more people. During the winter, I would work on 3D art at home. Take a look at this video to see how it’s all done:

By this point, I was drawing 3D portraits of cars, movie characters, you name it. In Summer of last year, I was getting invitations to organizations to draw with permanent colors of 3D street art and I had three jobs in the works. Again with permanent colors, I was making traditional methods as a street artist. My first job during the summer in Lithuania:


The same work after one week:

And here is the finished product:

Like I said before, because of my work, these organizations took notice and invited me. I just have to make everything in my style. With summer finished, I started to draw realistic art from still life. I would make time-lapse videos, improve my skills in pastoralism, and I have more ideas. I hope my 3D art will be better this summer. I have plans to make mystic 3D illusion art again to the streets, because it’s my passion.

In all, I like to try many techniques on wood, soft pastels, graphite, charcoal, simple pencils, color pencils, water-color, and markers. I’m in the middle of making my latest artwork.

Watch my videos here:, follow my art. I’m still learning everyday.

I hope you liked this June edition of Spotlight Artist. I have a feeling will be hearing more about Saulius for years to come. To get to know more about him you can go to It may show in Lithuanian, so please be sure you can translate.

Come back Wednesday for some Artscene Stuff. Until then, enjoy the rest of your Monday and be blessed!

All works by Saulius Art, including featured image.


Editor’s Desk: June 2015

Editor’s Desk: June 2015

June 1, 2015

Volume 2 / Number 6

Hello everyone! It’s good to be back! Summertime is pretty much here, the kids are outta school, and there are several things going on this month. Firstly, there are The Lost Lectures NY: Number Two. They’ve teamed up with Hyperallergic for this interesting event. Unfortunately, the location has not be revealed. The only way to solved that problem is to buy a ticket. Yes, sounds strange, but how else can you get people interested? A post will be out about how to get those tickets!

Saulius is June’s Spotlight Artist and his 3D works are getting some serious buzz! It’s great to know that these creative folks are getting the recognitions they deserve. Yoko Ono is having her moment at MoMA, Yoko Ono: One Woman Show 1960 – 1971 is now at held at the infamous museum through September 7.

At the Museum is going to take a different approach this year. Again, the kids are outta school and they need some fun stuff to do. It’s time to look at museums globally to see what they have in store for the kiddies!

I’m keeping an eye out for other events, such as the AWP Conference and Bookfair, along with a few others. The events calendar will be updated, so I suggest you take advantage of what’s going on…..You never know what you might miss!

Almost forgot….be on the lookout for residencies, arts, architecture, writing, music classes, etc. Workshops, conferences and others things I’m keeping an eye on as well. I’m rolling out the places where you get your creativity on.

It’s going to be a nice June month. Let the summer begin!


name canvas




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Artscene Newsletter: Two Writer’s Conferences in the Works

Artscene Newsletter: Two Writer’s Conferences in the Works

February 21, 2015

Hello everyone! The weekend is finally here. Have two writer’s conferences that are coming up later this year.



Seminars, Craft Sessions, Workshops, Guest Speakers, Manuscript Consultants, Publishing Advice

Novel / Short Story / Poetry / Memoir / Nonfiction / Journalism / Biography / Writing for TV / Documentary Film / Graphic Novels / Writing about Science and Medicine


Current and Recent Faculty Include:

  • Amy Bloom 
  • Salvatore Scibona
  • William Finnegan
  • Honor Moore
  • Elizabeth Graver
  • Wells Tower
  • Lis Harris
  • Roxana Robinson
  • Tracie McMillan
  • Michael Dumanis
  • Alexander Chee
  • Paul LaFarge


For details contact Anne Greene, Director

860.685.3604 /


Annual weeklong conference focused on

literary writing about the environment


small-group workshops, readings, and lectures

all in the heart of Vermont’s Green Mountains

2015 Faculty

Rick Bass, Alison Hawthorne Deming, Ross Gay, Pam Houston, Scott Russell Sanders, Ginger Strand, Luis Alberto Urrea

JUNE 1 – 7, 2015

Enrollment is limited. Rolling admissions through March 15.

cosponsored by Orion magazine and the Middlebury College Environmental Studies Program


If your interested to attend these conferences, just click on their webpages and get started!

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Coming up….Black History Feature

Artscene Newsletter: Workshops & Upcoming Writers’ Conference

Artscene Newsletter: Workshops & Upcoming Writers’ Conference

February 4, 2015

Good Morning! Let’s head off to Portland, Oregon for a workshop headed by Sandra Duran Wilson.

ART & SOUL / March 6-8, 2015

Portland, OR

3/6 Friday All Cracked Up

3/7 Saturday Instant Gratification Transfers

3/8 Taming the Wild Acrylics or Mastering the Mediums

If your interested for more workshops from this artist, please go to and click on 2015 Workshop Schedule.


Yale is heading their 2015 Writers’ Conference. Read on….


Faculty Includes:

  • Phil Klay
  • Amy Bloom
  • Cheryl Strayed
  • Gish Jen
  • Colm Toibin 

Director: Terence Hawkins

from the website:

The Yale Writers’ Conference is an intensive program for the committed writer. Our faculty are nationally known writers who are also inspiring and accessible teachers. Our facilities are the Yale campus.

Each year over a hundred and forty writers from around the world have come to New Haven for each of two sessions. They have gone on to publish their first books or stories, produce plays, and organize a writing workshop for veterans.

If you are interested to attend, you can apply at  Contact:

Summer 2015 dates:

  • Session I: June 6 – 16, 2015
  • Session II: June 18-21, 2015 

This just in…..

The following workshops are full and closed to further enrollment:

Session I

  • John Crowley
  • Julia Glass
  • Eileen Pollack


Session II

  • Jotham Burrello

Again, if your interested, better apply before it’s too late!

Return for more Artscene next week and don’t forget to check out Black History Poet & Short Stories Saturday!

Enjoy Wednesday and be blessed!

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