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MidWeek Updates: Kennesaw Spring Arts Festival 2019

3.20.19 The last post for today coming from Kennesaw State University in Kennesaw, Georgia. The Spring Arts Festival is coming this weekend, March 23 at the Visual Arts Building. Here’s a flyer for the event.  Just go to the site above in the flyer. If you live in the area and want to do something with creativity, this festival is it. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, be blessed.    Featured and other images: KSU & YAF Advertisements

MidWeek Updates: CSU Summer Camps 2019

3.20.19 He ho…just two posts for today. Really three. The first is Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia, my hometown. For those living in the area and are at a lost on what your child can do during the summer, this program is probably the answer… Credit source: CSU Activ8 Ready To Activ8 Your Summer? 10 weeks, 3 age groups and over 200 classes covering Music to Science to Sports to Media and Beyond! Parents, help your budding Genius Kids discover the exciting Summer Camp opportunities that Continuing & Professional Education has for youth in Columbus, GA to improve their knowledge and skills. Great Summer KIDS CAMPS and teen programming keep area youth engaged in education while having fun. You will find quality programs that promote leadership and youth development through enrichment activities, unique experiences, and opportunities to develop relationships with adults and peers. Activ8 includes: Activ8 Academy Activ8 Activ8ers Activ8 Between2teen Activ8 Catalog Coca-Cola Space Science Center Columbus Regional Mathematics Collaborative Schwob School of Music Cougar Athletics Extras   To register and more please …

Where To: Savannah, Georgia

1.19.19 Hey. How is everyone doing this weekend, I should say three-day weekend? Where are we going to for January? Try Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of my favorite spots to visit and you’ll love it too… Credit source: ART & MUSEUMS Luba Lowry Brushing Against Identity! Through portraiture, I explore the complex correlation between the personality of nature and the nature of personality. My paintings have been the featured décor in restaurants from Germany to Minneapolis, and more recently have been seen hanging in art galleries in Savannah and Atlanta. 309 W. St. Julian St., Studio FSU-7. website   (651)894-3053   Samantha Claar’s FineFolk Gallery Featuring Samantha Claar’s Gullah Living Series of Original Paintings, Prints, Cards, Black Art dolls, “Wee People” as well as a selection of Gullah basketry and themed books. Visit to appreciate the stories and history of a resilient people who continue to shape their destiny with faith and happiness. Located in The Village Craftmen on River St. and the Art League of Hilton Head. See phone  Website   Jepson Center For The …

Where To…Atlanta, Georgia

10.20.18 Back from London and now we are in Atlanta, Georgia. What can you do in Atlanta? Pretty much everything… Credit source: & City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs   Launched in 2011, the first exhibition of ELEVATE hosted 15 events and 40 performances over 66 days. Artwork filled vacant properties, street corners and plazas to showcase artwork ranging from 13 story murals to contemporary dance, video, installation, and poetry. Although public funding allocated through our percent for art program was the direct source for the artist commissions, additional funding to execute an exhibition of this caliber was provided through local Atlanta businesses. Donation of art space, hotel rooms, theatrical lighting, food, advertising, and cash support nearly doubled the exhibitions initial budget, demonstrating the immediate community support. This intensive cultural programming brought in 13,313 new visitors to downtown Atlanta. At the end of the program, downtown property owners and businesses adopted the bulk of the visual work commissioned through ELEVATE. The artwork has now been incorporated into the permanent downtown landscape. In addition …

Where To…Nowhere

8. 25. 18 Hello again…this month we’re not going anywhere. I’m too busy exploring what my city has to offer. You should do the same. Find out what your city has to offer in art, music, films…where I’m from, downtown has a lot to offer in live music, the university’s museum is located in that area, along with a center for performing arts. Music festivals could be happening near or in your city, go ahead and see what artists are playing. The city we live in has lots of great activities to do, we just have to find it. So go see that arthouse film you’ve heard about or see an indie playing in a venue in town, browse around an art museum to appreciate good art, or a night out seeing a play. Enjoy your weekend, be blessed.   Image source:

MidWeek Update: Illuminate Atlanta

8. 8. 18 One last post. Introducing Illuminate Atlanta. What is Illuminate Atlanta? It is all explained in their mission statement…“Our mission is to increase accessibility to photographic education and the arts by providing photography education and opportunities to underserved communities in metro Atlanta.” They have an event coming up and I wanted to share this with you guys… Credit source: Illuminate Atlanta     If you live in Atlanta and would like to know more about Iluminate Atlanta, go to the link posted above to get all the information you need. You can donate and volunteer too. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, be blessed. Hump, Hump! I had to…   Image source: Illuminate Atlanta & unknown

MidWeek Update: Photography Workshops from Atlanta School of Photography

8. 8. 18 Hello, and let’s celebrate Hump Day Wednesday, shall we? The Atlanta School of Photography has some upcoming workshops in the works. They just had their August Session Monday. Take a look at what they have in store… Credit source: Atlanta School of Photography   Photo 1 EXPRESS $125.00 Tuesday, August 14th / 10 – 3 with Julie Yarbrough Sunday, Sept 23rd / 10 – 3 with Allison Jarek Everything you need to know in one day! We get you off of AUTO in by the afternoon. Learn how to freeze motion for sports photography, have the perfect aperture for a portrait, and an immaculate ISO for landscapes. Know your camera better in this one day class. This ONE-DAY experience introduces you step-by-step to an understanding of  • Essential parts of your camera including lenses, focus & zoom, diopter, mirror, shutter, and sensor • Basic Camera functions including ISO, shutter, aperture, white balance • How your camera reads light (exposure) • Using the playback, delete functions • Memory and Raw vs Jpeg • …