Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

Feb. 27 / 17 Hello! I wanted to share a poem by James Baldwin to celebrate Black History. Notice that I didn’t say Black History Month. Black History, Native, Hispanic, Asian… all American History.  Staggerlee wonders – Poem by James Baldwin I always wonder what they think the niggers are doing while they, the pink and alabaster pragmatists, are containing Russia and defining and re-defining and re-aligning China, nobly restraining themselves, meanwhile, from blowing up that earth which they have already blasphemed into dung: the gentle, wide-eyed, cheerful ladies, and their men, nostalgic for the noble cause of Vietnam, nostalgic … Continue reading Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

2017 Oscar Winners

Feb. 27 / 17 I didn’t watch, but I did keep track of who won. Here are the winners for this year’s 89th Academy Awards, well the categories that I’m most interested in…. cred: ACTOR IN A LEADING ROLE WINNER  CASEY AFFLECK Manchester by the Sea NOMINEES ANDREW GARFIELD Hacksaw Ridge RYAN GOSLING La La Land VIGGO MORTENSEN Captain Fantastic DENZEL WASHINGTON Fences ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE WINNER MAHERSHALA ALI Moonlight NOMINEES JEFF BRIDGES Hell or High Water LUCAS HEDGES Manchester by the Sea DEV PATEL Lion MICHAEL SHANNON Nocturnal Animals ACTRESS IN A LEADING ROLE WINNER EMMA … Continue reading 2017 Oscar Winners

Film Review: Breaking A Monster

Feb. 25 / 17 Hey! Going to give my review of the documentary film, Breaking A Monster. This film, directed by Luke Meyer, follows three young African-American kids from Brooklyn, New York. Malcolm Brickhouse, Jarad Dawkins, and Alec Atkins have garnered attention as the heavy-metal trio, Unlocking the Truth. The band, formed in 2007, began performing in the streets of Time Square, which gained lots of social media attention. By 2014, these eighth graders signed a $1.8 million five-album deal with Sony Music Entertainment. Of course with the boys being under age, the contract had to be approved by the New York … Continue reading Film Review: Breaking A Monster

Weekend Scene: London Fashion Week 2017

Feb. 18 / 17 Hello…As most or some of you already know, London Fashion Week arrived Thursday. February 16 – 21, 2017 are the dates. Here are some of the shows that happened today and will be happening tomorrow… cred: london fashion week SATURDAY 18TH FEBRUARY 09:00 CHALAYAN / See Invitation / Show 09:30 – 11:30 Paula Knorr / *BFC Presentation Space / Presentation 10:00 Ryan LO / BFC Show Space / Show 10:00 – 19:00 NEWGEN pop-up showroom: Ashley Williams / Designer Showrooms: NEWGEN / Event 10:30 Fashion East Presentations / Topshop Show Space / Presentation 11:00 Fashion East / Topshop Show Space / Show 11:30 – 13:30 Faustine … Continue reading Weekend Scene: London Fashion Week 2017

@ The Event: Vancouver

Feb. 17 / 17 Friday, Friday, Friday….We can all agree that we’re all glad it’s Friday right? Well, Vancouver is the final stop of our tour of Canada for @ The Event. This city has lots of things to do. Here is just a peek of what they have in store… cred: tourism vancouver Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Dates: June 1 – September 23, 2017 Every June through September, Bard on the Beach professional Shakespeare Festival brings to life the magic of Shakespeare’s great plays. The Festival site is located on the waterfront in Vancouver’s Vanier Park, adjacent to … Continue reading @ The Event: Vancouver