Editor’s Desk: April 2018

March 31 / 18

Vol. 6 / #4

We’re moving right along into the month of April. Yes, Spring has arrived and it’s time to do some Spring stuff, creative and artistically wise.

I’ve been tracking down contests, residencies in art and literature. For literature, I’ve found several that may be of interests to those who love to write. The Fine Arts Works Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts is gearing for an eventful Summer. Their 24 Pearl Street Online Writing Program is already starting, along with their Summer Workshops. All will be revealed this month.

If you have deep pockets and I mean seriously deep pockets, then Swann Auction Galleries will be the place to test those pockets. They are having their Auction of African-American Fine Art, April 5, at 2:30 pm. The 25th Annual Benefit and Award Ceremony will be taking place later on this month New York City. All details will be coming soon.

Artexpo New York 2018 is coming. You still have a chance to get tickets to this event. The dates are April 19-22 in NYC Pier 94. More information will be posted soon.

Cardi B, Amanda Palmer, Willie Nelson, Kylie Minogue, Janelle Monae, and others are releasing new music for April, thanks to Metacritic. April also has a handful of music festivals coming, most notably Coachella, which is pretty much around the corner.

I’m also on the hunt for Games, Film, Fashion, and other great things. Almost forgot, there are some great reads to discover for Spring.

What’s up for Shadow Spotlight? Well, I think you may just like where I’m going with it this month.

This month I’m going to talk about procrastination. It can happen to anyone, even creative people and it’s this month’s Creative Close-Up. I’m doing something new for Shadowboxerinc. There will be a new post called The Archives where we’ll be visiting some Reflection and Creative Close-Up posts from last year, the year before that, and so on. Ready for April? I am!

Goodbye March 2018…Hello, April 2018.






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Editor’s Note: March 2018

March 1 / 18

Vol. 6 / # 3



Hello, hello, hello! March is here. Let’s take a look at what’s in store this month…

Toni Braxton, Kate Nash, The Breeders, Snoop Dog, and others are putting out new music for this month. Botanica, McDowell Mountain, and Savannah Stopover, just a taste of what music festivals are going on here in the States. There will be more music festivals from around the globe.

We’re not out of the state of Texas just yet. Next stop for @ The Event is in Houston. Just a reminder: Frieze Art NY, SXSW Conference & Festival, and let’s not forget Coachella.

There are many writing competitions out there and yes they will be posted. Got several gaming conventions going on this year, like Southern-Fried Gaming Expo, Momocon, and others that will be happening this year.

Fashion Week in New York, London, and Milan have come and gone, but we still have Paris, from February 27 till March 6, we’ll see what’s latest on the runway.

Lastly, I will not reveal who is our Shadow Spotlight. Usually, I tell you, but not this time. You’ll just have to wait and see. What is your artistic style? That’s the question I’m asking for Creative Close-Up.

Goodbye February…Hello March!





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Editor’s Note February 2018

February 1 / 18

Vol 6 / #2

Hello February! This month will be busy. We’ll be focusing on in the creativity of love and let’s not forget…it’s Black History Month so you’ll see creativity in African-American culture. It will be a packed filled fun month!

Association of Writer’s & Writers Conference & Bookfair 2018 will be here soon, so I’m already on the look out for this event, also trying to find out about any updates for the AWP Conference & Bookfair, then Artexpo New York, photography contests, and a lot more.

This month is slightly short with new music. Justin Timberlake‘s smoking new album, Man of the Woods will arrive tomorrow, along with Simple Minds, and Son Lux. It’s a short month for music festivals in the US. Monsters of Rock Cruise 2018 and Noise Pop 2018 are on the list. Since this month is Black History Month, why not put the focus on upcoming African-American artists for this month’s Shadow Spotlight?

@ the Event is continuing its tour through the state of Texas and we’re heading over to Austin. Great things to do while your over there.

Two superhero films are coming to digital soon. Can you guess what those films are? Lastly, Shadowboxerinc is adding another social media account in the form of Snapchat.

Ready to dive into February? Bye JanuaryHello February!






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Editor’s Note: December 2017

December 1 / 17

Vol. 5 / # 12

Hello everyone! The last month of 2017 has arrived….December. Can you believe that? I’ve said this several times, the year is going by fast, too fast.

What’s happening this month? The usual suspects: new music and music festivals. I’m getting updates on events for 2018 such as AWP Conference and Bookfair, Frieze New York 2018, Governor’s Island Art Fair, and many more events to come in photography, music, and games.

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is ready. Badges are on sale shortly after 9am PST on December 9, 2017. Waiting room will be open for entry at 8am PST. For this month’s Shadow Spotlight, I’m putting together five artists that made their mark this year.

I like to do something different for this month. With all the films there were released this year, Shadowboxerinc is making a list of the best films for 2017. Films are not the only category getting a list ready. A list for the best reads, music, and games are getting ready too.

Lastly, I’ve got something up my sleeve for Creative Close-Up. Goodbye November….Hello December.






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Editor Note: November 2017

November 1 / 17

Vol.5 / #11

Hello folks! October is over, on to November. So much to do this month. The usual posts of New Music, Music Festivals, are on the agenda.

I’m really excited to see ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Justice League’. You know there will be a review for those two flicks, which leads to Creative Close-Up: Why I Like Both DC & Marvel. I was supposed to have this in October but decided to have it this month. Which really makes sense.

Cardi B is this month’s Shadow Spotlight. If some of you have Bodak Yellow on replay, then you know who I’m talking about. She’s been on the scene for a good while or so and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon!

Ever been to San Antonio, Texas? I’ve lived there for several years until me and my family moved in 1990. So much you can do, really you can. It’s been a goal of mine to return there. So Yes, San Antonio is the latest stop for @ The Event.

Lastly, Shadowboxerinc is celebrating 5 years. Yes, five years! All month long, I’m celebrating the anniversary, which is on November 10, and I do have some great things to give away.

Goodbye October…..Hello November!







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Editor’s Note: October 2017

September 30 / 17

Vol 5 / #10

October….What is great about October? Well, the start of a new month that’s for sure, but also a lot of things to cover for this month. Of course, there will be some things to scare you a bit. I hope you enjoyed Governors Island Art Fair. This is the last weekend for the event this year. It’s free, tomorrow’s the final day. You may want to visit.

Shadow Spotlight belongs to actor Lee Pace. If you don’t know who he is, think Ned the Piemaker or Thranduil in The Hobbit film series. Denver, Colorado is our next pit stop for @ The Event. New music from Pink, St. Vincent, Wu-Tang Clan, and more to come for New Music October. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 2017, Austin City Limits 2017….those are the music festivals coming this month.

I’m already in the process of passing along any writing, art, game, or any conferences that are happening in the coming months. A new theme is coming for Shadowboxerinc. I feel this one has outlived itself. So if you see some things amiss, don’t worry.

Lastly my article for Creative Close-Up: Why I Like Both DC & Marvel. I’m taking lots of time to get this written as interesting as I can. This month is going to be busy, but I like it busy. I can now focus on November!

Goodbye September, Hello October……








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Editor’s Note September 2017

September 1 / 17

Vol 5. / #9

Hey! The first Friday of September is here and a three day weekend is upon us! Firstly, there is a new theme. To be honest, I’m not too much liking it, but hopefully, that will change down the road.

Governors Island Art Fair starts tomorrow and it will be every weekend this month. Admission is free. It’s already posted so please take a look to get the information you need. This is not the only art fair there are others. Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, Red Dot Miami, Artexpo Las Vegas, and so on.

Shadow Spotlight will focus on Music. New Fall Music that is. Music festivals are also on the horizon for fall. Phoenix, Arizona is our next stop for @ The Event.

Fashion….Fall fashion is already here and I’ll be doing some scoping and checking this and that. Let’s not forget about books….new literature coming soon and already Shadowboxerinc is compiling our list for great books to curl up for this season.

More to come this month and it’s gonna be quite busy so I hope you guys can keep up!

Goodbye August 2017….hello September 2017.








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Editor’s Note: August 2017

July 31 / 17

Vol. 5 / #8

August is here and the months are flying by. Not a lot to do this month, so this will be short and to the point. If you’ve been catching up lately, there are a few things to cover.

The 4 Portal’s Governor’s Island Art Fair will be held each weekend of September. I will keep you posted on that event and a few others. I’m still doing research on art residencies and what not. Shadow Spotlight will focus on Literature. This month @The Event is heading to Vegas.  Creative Close-Up will focus on two giant comic rivals, DC and Marvel.

You’ve seen the changes going on the blog site and be prepared for a lot more. Goodbye July….Hello, August!

















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