National Poetry Month: Lucille Clifton

April 28 / 18 National Poetry Month folks! The last featured poet and poems and I found some great poems by Lucille Clifton. Take a look at these… Credit source: Poem Hunter Homage To My Hips – by Lucille Clifton these hips are big hips. they need space to move around in. they don’t fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they … Continue reading National Poetry Month: Lucille Clifton

Creative Close-Up: Taking Time Away From Creativity

April 24 / 18 Hello! We’re winding down out of April and into May. This is just a short and to the point close-up. There comes a time when you really are not at your creative best. Let’s face it, we are so swamped with our day to day activities, parenting duties, extracurricular activities, and other things, that our mind and body get clogged and … Continue reading Creative Close-Up: Taking Time Away From Creativity

National Poetry Month: Juan Felipe Herrera

April 21 / 18 National Poetry Month! Time to read and get inspired by great poetry with Juan Felipe Herrera. Credit source: Poetry Foundation Blood on the Wheel BY JUAN FELIPE HERRERA      Ezekiel saw the wheel, way up in the middle of the air. TRADITIONAL GOSPEL SONG Blood on the night soil man en route to the country prison Blood on the sullen chair, … Continue reading National Poetry Month: Juan Felipe Herrera

Where To…Nashville, Tennessee

April 20 / 18 Friday, Friday, Friday! We all live for the weekends. No more @ The Event…from this day forth it’s Where To. Different title, but same formula. We go from city to city, country to country to get find great events and things to do. From Texas to Tennessee. Nashville that is. Over the past weekend, I visited the capital of this beautiful state. … Continue reading Where To…Nashville, Tennessee

Wednz Scene: Writing Contests

April 18 / 18 Hello everyone…it’s Wednesday and looks like this month is halfway over. Hard to believe, but it’s happening. I’m always searching for contests to share with y’all and if there are writers out there who would love to put their story or poetry out there, here is your chance. Thanks to The Writer, they have contests you can enter to get your … Continue reading Wednz Scene: Writing Contests