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Shadowboxerinc Turns 6!

11.10.18 Hello everyone…Shadowboxerinc is celebrating its 6th anniversary! It will be a quiet one, but just wanted to thank you guys for keeping up with me, even when I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes! Again thank you and I’m going to make year number 7 for 2019. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, be blessed…         Image source: Advertisements

Editor Note: November 2017

November 1 / 17 Vol.5 / #11 Hello folks! October is over, on to November. So much to do this month. The usual posts of New Music, Music Festivals, are on the agenda. I’m really excited to see ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Justice League’. You know there will be a review for those two flicks, which leads to Creative Close-Up: Why I Like Both DC & Marvel. I was supposed to have this in October but decided to have it this month. Which really makes sense. Cardi B is this month’s Shadow Spotlight. If some of you have Bodak Yellow on replay, then you know who I’m talking about. She’s been on the scene for a good while or so and she has no plans of stopping anytime soon! Ever been to San Antonio, Texas? I’ve lived there for several years until me and my family moved in 1990. So much you can do, really you can. It’s been a goal of mine to return there. So Yes, San Antonio is the latest stop for @ …

Shadowbox 4th Anniversary & Out of Office Dates

November 2 / 16 Hello again….one more thing to pass along. Shadowbox’s 4th Anniversary is pretty much around the corner, eight more days and counting. November 11 is the date and I’m getting excited about I’m planning to do. Also I wanted to remind you that Shadowbox will be out of the office for the Thanksgiving Holidays. November 20 – 28 are the dates. Be back on November 29. That’s all I needed to tell you. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday, be blessed.                     featured image: unknown  

Editor’s Desk: November 2016

November 1 / 16 Volume 4 / #11 Hello and good morning! October is gone and November has arrived. This year is flying, but for Shadowbox, it will be somewhat short, but it will be filled with great things to share. Let’s begin with a few events: FOTO SOLO Artexpo New York and SPECTRUM Indian Wells, both are in 2017. There are reminders for Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami, and The New RED Dot Miami. All will be posted for Wednesday Scene. I’m doing something with the music section for Shadowbox. The first Monday, which is next week, I’m working on posting new music or new artist. Also, from here on out, all music festivals will be added to the Wednesday Scene posts. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen will be this month’s Shadow Spotlight. With their designer lines like The Row and Elizabeth and James, they have already made a fashionable splash and the duo is not going anywhere. Speaking of fashion, I’ve started getting a lightbulb of an idea about creative fashion from the streets, …

Almost Forgot…..Shadowbox’s 4th Anniversary Is Coming

October 19 / 16 Hello….just one more thing to tell you: On November 10, Shadowbox will celebrate its 4th anniversary.  As most of you know, well all of you know, that I’m the only person behind the scenes of this blog. This blog has been my baby from the time of its existence. I’m very proud how far Shadowbox has come. What most of you don’t know is that I work a full-time job from 4:30 pm till 1:00 am and there are times when I have to work weekends and trying to keep up with this blog can be hard, but by the grace of God, I come out on top. Now, I would love to devote full-time to Shadowbox and I know that’s going to happen soon. Real soon I hope. So I just wanted to say thank you to the followers for reading and I will keep on sharing info that will benefit to creative people like you and me. Enjoy your Wednesday, be blessed.               …

!Shadowbox Celebrates 3rd Anniversary!

November 10, 2015   It’s hard to believe that it’s been three years. Three good years of creating a blog site to share about art, photography, music, independent film, literature, all works of creativity. Shadowbox is steadily growing in many ways. I have great plans and goals for my small blog, my baby that is. So I just want to say thank you for your continued support. Enjoy your day, be blessed, and let’s celebrate this joyous occasion!                     featured and other image courtesy of and