Film Review: It Follows (2015)

July 27 / 17 Picture yourself at the park enjoying the scenery, minding your own business, just enjoying the day. That changes completely when you see a woman half-naked, disheveled, but the face is just not right. There is no smile, no anger, just no emotion…She’s slowly walking towards you. The other people in the park don’t even know she’s there, that’s because they don’t see her, but you do….. This is the premise of It Follows. Confused? Well, you shouldn’t be. This supernatural horror film is different from films that you’re used to seeing. It keeps you guessing and … Continue reading Film Review: It Follows (2015)

Films of 2015

12.16.15                           Lots of films good (and bad) have graced the big screen this year. I’m not deciding on best films because I haven’t seen most of them, but that doesn’t stop my interest from seeing them. Here is a list of films that have made an impressionable impact, while others have made a big splash (The Martian or Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and it’s a long list…..   The Big Short Bridge of Spies Carol Inside Out Mad Max: Fury Road The Martian Room Spotlight  Star … Continue reading Films of 2015

Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015: Kara Walker

12.14.15 Good Morning! Since it’s the last month of the year, I’ve decided to shake a few things up in the Spotlight Artist post. I’ve combed through this year’s Spotlight posts and one name has been on my mind lately and she has been featured in this blog twice, most recently May of this year. Yes I know, but I think she’s just cool awesome. Kara Walker is the Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015. I chose her because I find her work fascinating and interesting. She’s known for creating paper-cut silhouettes, which represented the South. Her works explored racism, sexuality, gender, along … Continue reading Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015: Kara Walker

The Scene Wednesday: MoMA & Art San Diego 2015

October 14, 2015 Hey creative peeps! The Scene Wednesday has a few things in store today. First off, let’s see what’s happening at MoMA….. MoMA: Create Ability October 2015 (from the website) Create Ability Sunday, October 18, 2015 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. (ages five–17) 2:00–4:00 p.m. (ages 18 and up) Join us for Create Ability, our free program for individuals with learning or developmental disabilities and their families. Each month we focus on a different theme, exploring various artworks in the galleries and creating artworks in the classroom. October’s theme is Art in 3-D: Sculpture Space is limited and preregistration is … Continue reading The Scene Wednesday: MoMA & Art San Diego 2015

Filmscene: Indiewires’s 15 Best Films of 2015….so far

July 21, 2015 Found a gem in the independent film world. According to Indiewire, here are the 15 best movies of 2015. Read The Best 15 Movies of 2015 by Eric Kohn Heaven Knows What A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence Buzzard Girlhood 71 Cheatin Ned Rifle Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter Mad Max: Fury Road What We Do in the Shadows La Sapienza The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq Seymour: An Introduction Appropriate Behavior Gueros Hope we all get a chance to see these films. Come back soon and be blessed!     feature image courtesy of Continue reading Filmscene: Indiewires’s 15 Best Films of 2015….so far

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Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

August 17 2015 Morning all! Saulius is this Summer’s Spotlight Artist and he is a talent to watch for. Here is the artist in his own words.   Hello, I’m Saulius. I’m a 25 yr-old artist from Lithuania. It all began in school, when I would get bored during class, I would start sketching. It was 5 years ago, when I drew my first sketch, which you see below.   My friends saw my drawings and encouraged and motivated me to give it a try. They suggested that I try tattoos, but I was never interested in that, so I started to … Continue reading Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

Artscene Stuff: Architecture Summer Program @ SCI-Arc

June 3, 2015 Hello creative peeps! Got two things to let you know about. Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) has a summer program for those who have of love of building things. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF ARCHITECTURE SCI-Arc MAKING + MEANING SUMMER PROGRAM  from website: ABOUT THE PROGRAM Making + Meaning is a five-week summer program at the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc) that introduces the principles of architecture through a hands-on transformation of form, scale, and space. Open to high school graduates over the age of 18, college students, and inspired professionals, Making+Meaning is an introduction to … Continue reading Artscene Stuff: Architecture Summer Program @ SCI-Arc

May Spotlight Artist: Kara Walker

May 12, 2015 Good Morning everyone! Kara Walker is this month’s Spotlight Artist. She is known to create panoramic friezes of cut-paper silhouettes, black figures against a white wall, of colonialism, of the antebellum South. Here are the facts on this contemporary artist…..   Received her BFA from the Atlanta College of Art and her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. In 1994, Walker’s first mural, Gone, An Historical Romance of a Civil War as It Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of One Young Negress and Her Heart, which was a cut-paper silhouette mural, presenting old-timey south filled with … Continue reading May Spotlight Artist: Kara Walker