Where To…Tampa Bay, Florida

2.23.19 Hey there and hello Tampa Bay! What can you do in Tampa? Well, take a look for yourself… TAMPA MUSEUM OF ART From the museum’s website: The Tampa Museum of Art opened its award-winning new building in 2010 with a commitment to provide innovative public programs with a focus on ancient, modern, and contemporary art. The Museum balances a growing collection, including one of the largest Greek and Roman antiquities collections in the southeastern United States, with a dynamic annual schedule of special exhibitions. The region’s largest institution devoted to the art of our time, the Museum has fostered … Continue reading Where To…Tampa Bay, Florida

Where To: Savannah, Georgia

1.19.19 Hey. How is everyone doing this weekend, I should say three-day weekend? Where are we going to for January? Try Savannah, Georgia. It’s one of my favorite spots to visit and you’ll love it too… Credit source: http://www.savannah.com ART & MUSEUMS Luba Lowry Brushing Against Identity! Through portraiture, I explore the complex correlation between the personality of nature and the nature of personality. My paintings have been the featured décor in restaurants from Germany to Minneapolis, and more recently have been seen hanging in art galleries in Savannah and Atlanta. 309 W. St. Julian St., Studio FSU-7. website   (651)894-3053 … Continue reading Where To: Savannah, Georgia