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Shadowbox Tribute to Veterans

November 11, 2015 Good Morning….again! Shadowbox will like to take the time to honor our veterans on this Veteran’s Day. To the men and women, from all branches of the military, thank you for not only your service, but your sacrifice for fighting for the freedoms of this great nation.  Again thank you             featured and other images courtesy of and


June 7, 2014 Evening, afternoon or morning where ever you are. I’m sure some of you may or may not know that we lost a true visionary in the art world. This man passed away on May 12. I was not only shocked, but sad because he has left a definite fingerprint with his biomechanics, gothic, dark vision. I wanted to pay tribute to him, but I wasn’t sure how. He was featured as Spotlight Artist when Esquisses was first running. H.R. Giger, as we all know was the man behind the acid-for-blood creature who brought us nightmares in Alien. His other works was seen in Poltergiest 2: The Other Side and several other films, like Species.     You can say he was a surrealist, but he was more than that. Giger was a mastermind….the man had a way of letting his mind and imagination go wild! He was not afraid of crossing boundaries. Example: Dead Kennedy’s Frankenchrist album, released in 1985. The album caused controversy because it depicts numerous penises entering vaginas. The …