Shadow Spotlight: Lee Pace

Shadow Spotlight: Lee Pace

October 9 / 17

Hey everyone. Hope every one of you guys enjoyed your weekend, even though it was short for some of us. Lee Pace is this month’s Shadow Spotlight. Now, if you don’t recognize the name or face, you should remember him as Ned the Piemaker in ABC’s Pushing Daisies.

Lee Pace…Pushing Daisies.

Born in Chickasha, Oklahoma, Pace has graced the big and small screen for the past fifteen years. His breakout role was in the 2003 film Soldier’s Girl as Calpernia Addams, a transgender showgirl. He won a Gotham Award for Breakthrough Actor and was nominated for several other awards, including a Golden Globe Award.

In 2004, Pace was in the short-lived television series, Wonderfalls, as Aaron Tyler. The show was co-created by Bryan Fuller. Fuller cast Pace in the lead role in the fantasy television series Pushing Daisies as Ned, which debuts in October 2007 till June 2009. Pace was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series, Musical or Comedy, and a few others.

He also has appeared in films such as Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, Possession, When In Rome, The Good Shepherd, Ceremony, Lincoln, among others. He was also in 2006 film, The Fall, directed by Tarsem Singh, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt 2 as the sexy nomadic vampire Garrett, and as Thranduil in The Hobbit film series. Pace was also in 2014 Marvel studio film Guardians of the Galaxy as Ronan the Accuser. His recent work includes The Keeping Hours and The Book of Henry.

He will appear in the sci-fi film Revolt. You can catch him as Joe MacMillan in AMC’s tech drama Halt and Catch Fire.

Here is a video that a fan created. Just to get familiar with Lee. Hope you like it.



In his downtime, Lee is an avid reader and is part of Conservation International, who are dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment. To know more about this nonprofit organization please go to

Enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed.



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Image source: Collider

Shadow Spotlight / January 2017: Michel Montecrossa

Shadow Spotlight / January 2017: Michel Montecrossa

Jan. 9 / 17

Morning! Michel Montecrossa is this month’s Shadow Spotlight. This is a multifaceted artist. Entrepreneur, author, musician, painter, filmmaker, futurist, consciousness researcher, and founder of Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe. All rolled in one.

His career in all fields have span six decades and at the age of 71, he is continuing his creative journey. Born in 1945 in Vienna, Montecrossa grew up in a creative environment. His father was a violin player from Memphis, Tennessee and his mother was a choir singer in Vienna. It’s no surprise that during his childhood, Montecrossa was already into art and later music. He studied at the Muchen Studio Art School of Klaus Waki Zollner.

By the late sixties and ongoing, Montecrossa’s career expanded into art, music, filmmaking, even becoming an author. In 1969, Monstecrossa developed and established Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futuremen in Europe with French artist and consciousness researcher Mira Alfassa.

Paintings & Drawings Vol. 1 and 2 are published works of Montecrossa’s drawing and paintings from 1969-2012 and 1956-2013.





Looking Foward

Looking Foward by Michel Montecrossa




Here are you can find a few many of his works on these sites:





Mirapuri festivals:

Hope you enjoy the rest of your Monday, be blessed.

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects, and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia










featured image: Giornale Metropolitano

Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015: Kara Walker

Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015: Kara Walker


Good Morning! Since it’s the last month of the year, I’ve decided to shake a few things up in the Spotlight Artist post. I’ve combed through this year’s Spotlight posts and one name has been on my mind lately and she has been featured in this blog twice, most recently May of this year. Yes I know, but I think she’s just cool awesome. Kara Walker is the Shadowbox’s Spotlight for 2015. I chose her because I find her work fascinating and interesting. She’s known for creating paper-cut silhouettes, which represented the South. Her works explored racism, sexuality, gender, along with identity and violence. She’s no stranger to controversy, but that means people are interested, right? As always I let the artists’ works speak for themselves……


Here is a look at her recent work A Subtlety, or the Marvelous Sugar Baby, an Homage to the unpaid and overworked Artisans who have refined our Sweet tastes from the cane fields to the Kitchens of the New World on the Occasion of the demolition of the Domino Sugar Refining Plant, which was held last year at the Domino Sugar Factory in Brooklyn, NY, from May 10 – July 6, 2014.






The Sphinx in sugar and other sculptures in molasses….by Kara Walker at the Domino Sugar Factory.



Walker has been around for a good while and her works will continue to inspire, to talk about, to look at the subjects, no matter how hard it will be. Here are a two links you can look at:

Enjoy the rest of your Monday and be blessed!







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Spotlight Artist: Native American Indian Heritage Month

Spotlight Artist: Native American Indian Heritage Month

November 9, 2015

Morning creative peeps! Everyone enjoyed their weekend? Fabulous! It’s going to get pretty busy this week. November is Native American Indian Heritage Month and last year Shadowbox showcased work from Native American artists. This year Shadowbox is featuring four artists.













Come back Wednesday for more when Shadowbox features Native American writers. Enjoy the rest of your Monday and be blessed!




featured image unknown. Other images courtesy of Theresa Paden, Arthur Amiotte, Helen Hardin, and Emmi Whitehorse.,,,

Spotlight Artists for October 2015 are……..

Spotlight Artists for October 2015 are……..

October 13, 2015

Hello all! It seems likes it’s been a while. Instead of focusing on one artist, I’ve decided to get four, yep, four artists who specialize in the horror, the grotesque, the disturbing, and the downright creepy…..


Chris Kuchta

Chris Kuchta

Featured image also by Chris Kuchta




Michael Whelan

Lovecraft’s Nightmare by Michael Whelan




Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Barlowe




Joshua Hoffine


Joshua Hoffine…..(creepy, scary!!!)


I hope these works of art don’t keep you up tonight…..enjoy your Tuesday! Be blessed always!




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Spotlight Artist September 2015: Salvador Dali

Spotlight Artist September 2015: Salvador Dali

September 14, 2015

Hello. Hope everyone had a great weekend. The weather is changing, which I find refreshing, because this is my favorite time of the year. This month we’re focusing on the late surrealist artist Salvador Dali.


Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech….artistical genius or just plain out of his mind? These are just a few words to describe this timeless artist. Dali, the most influential artist has left a legacy of artwork. From oils, watercolors, drawings, graphics, and sculptures, films, photographs….Dali’s works evolved just as he did. I found this video: Salvador Dali: A Master of the Modern Era from PappasArts.


The Persistence of Memory….one of Dali’s most famous works.





The Temptation of Saint Anthony by Salvador Dali.



Swans Reflecting Elephants by Salvador Dali.


Want to know more? Here is a site you can go to: Hope you enjoyed this tidbit on this fascinating artist. There will be more Dali on this Friday’s @ the Museum. On to the next post…..





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Summer Spotlight Artist: Saulius

Summer Spotlight Artist: Saulius

August 17, 2015

Hello again. Just a reminder that Saulius has been Shadowbox’s Summer Spotlight Artist for this year. Here is the post: Summer Spotlight Artist: Saulius.

I do apologize for the photos, but if you want to see more of his work just go to the website included in the post.

Enjoy your day, be blessed and don’t forget about Crimson Peak Fan Contest 2015!



featured image courtesy of Saulius

Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

Summer Spotlight Artist 2015: Saulius

August 17 2015

Morning all! Saulius is this Summer’s Spotlight Artist and he is a talent to watch for. Here is the artist in his own words.


Hello, I’m Saulius. I’m a 25 yr-old artist from Lithuania. It all began in school, when I would get bored during class, I would start sketching. It was 5 years ago, when I drew my first sketch, which you see below.


My friends saw my drawings and encouraged and motivated me to give it a try. They suggested that I try tattoos, but I was never interested in that, so I started to draw portraits of people. I was surprised by how well I drew them. I made this first portrait, the first portrait I was paid for.


When I acquired more skills, I was interested in anamorphic and 3D illusions on paper. The first drawing I made were from my own eyes and then I would use my phone camera to correct these drawings, like this one here.


I was practising with photorealistic drawings, things from still life. Years later I decided to make my first color drawing, with color pencils and soft pastels. I made Super Mario in 3D on paper and I began to get a better understanding about anamorphic art. People began to really like the Mario portrait.


After a few weeks, I had the desire to make more anamorphic art and then I began to take that art to the streets. My routine started after work. Once I got off work, I would go home to get the materials I needed. I would take one of my drawings as a market, using only chalk and charcoal to make this drawing in the picture below.


It took two days to complete. A journalist from the city newspaper saw me working on the drawing and decided right away to take a photo and write a story about it. By the time I got to my job Monday, I was told about my art work near the school. They called it a “monster.” The directors of the school said that I need to clean this art from the ground, because it scared the children, but I didn’t listen. I got support from a lot of people.



A few weeks later I took to the streets again. I began to draw with colors to improve my skills and this time I chose Super Mario so that my work wouldn’t frighten the children. When summer was over, I drew my first piece of art in the shopping center and continued to improve my skills with 3D art on paper.


I always prefered to make art with something more mystic and scary, to attract more people. During the winter, I would work on 3D art at home. Take a look at this video to see how it’s all done:

By this point, I was drawing 3D portraits of cars, movie characters, you name it. In Summer of last year, I was getting invitations to organizations to draw with permanent colors of 3D street art and I had three jobs in the works. Again with permanent colors, I was making traditional methods as a street artist. My first job during the summer in Lithuania:


The same work after one week:

And here is the finished product:

Like I said before, because of my work, these organizations took notice and invited me. I just have to make everything in my style. With summer finished, I started to draw realistic art from still life. I would make time-lapse videos, improve my skills in pastoralism, and I have more ideas. I hope my 3D art will be better this summer. I have plans to make mystic 3D illusion art again to the streets, because it’s my passion.

In all, I like to try many techniques on wood, soft pastels, graphite, charcoal, simple pencils, color pencils, water-color, and markers. I’m in the middle of making my latest artwork.

Watch my videos here:, follow my art. I’m still learning everyday.

I hope you liked this June edition of Spotlight Artist. I have a feeling will be hearing more about Saulius for years to come. To get to know more about him you can go to It may show in Lithuanian, so please be sure you can translate.

Come back Wednesday for some Artscene Stuff. Until then, enjoy the rest of your Monday and be blessed!

All works by Saulius Art, including featured image.