Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

Feb. 27 / 17 Hello! I wanted to share a poem by James Baldwin to celebrate Black History. Notice that I didn’t say Black History Month. Black History, Native, Hispanic, Asian… all American History.  Staggerlee wonders – Poem by James Baldwin I always wonder what they think the niggers are doing while they, the pink and alabaster pragmatists, are containing Russia and defining and re-defining … Continue reading Reflections: Staggerlee wonders by James Baldwin

Reflections: Don’t Give Up On Your Creativity

October 29 / 16 Morning! The end of October is already here and it’s time to reflect. I have a piece of wisdom to pass along to you. It’s not long, but you’ll feel inspired by it. For those of you who are traditional artists, musicians, filmmakers, graphic artists, writers, all forms of creativity, this is a subject I’m sure you have come across. We … Continue reading Reflections: Don’t Give Up On Your Creativity

Reflections: Inspirational & Motivational Quotes

September 28 / 16 One last post for today. I’ve decided that this month’s reflection should be inspirational and motivational. In life, we all need a little something to make our day better. At the university that I work at, I saw post-it notes scattered across the campus with inspirational quotes and you know something? It really made you smile. It just does something for … Continue reading Reflections: Inspirational & Motivational Quotes