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Shadow News 3.19.2020

3.19.2020 Afternoon everyone! As I’ve said at the beginning of this year, I’m making added changes to the blog and today we have Shadow News. It’s almost like the news or announcement blogs in the past, but the title is different. Vudu is having a Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Viewing Pary tomorrow. I just found this out today! If your a Vudu subscriber and want to RSVP today, take a look at this… The Rise of Skywalker #VuduViewingParty Public  · Hosted by Vudu Friday, March 20, 2020 at 6 PM – 9 PM PDT Tomorrow Announcing the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker #VuduViewingParty Friday, 3/20/206PM PT/ 9 PM ET Celebrate the cumulation of one of the greatest sagas of all time – The Rise of Skywalker. All your training, preparation, and planning have brought you to this moment. Join us for prizes, trivia, and fun. Watch it now PLUS get exclusive collector’s content: For more information please go to this site:   From TIFF A message I received from TIFF Bell …

No Weekend Updates…

3.14.2020 Hello all! There are no Weekend Updates this weekend, but next week we will resume our regularly scheduled posts. I just wanted to let you guys know that everything is fine. I just think we need to take a breather and to be healthy and safe. This virus is becoming a Debbie Downer for real. So enjoy the rest of your weekend, be safe!   Featured image: unknown

Letter from the Editor / January 2020

1.1.20 Vol. 8 ♠ #1 Hello and Happy New Year! 2020 is finally here. Temporary new look, but the same attitude! Shadowboxerinc is now Shadowboxerinc Factory.  We are starting the decade with great art, literature, music…all things creative. Firstly, Kesha, Little Big Town, and others are ringing the new year with new music. Meanwhile, Miami, Chicago, Steamboat Springs, and several other cities are hosts for this month’s music festivals.  Updates for AWP Conference & Bookfair will be coming shortly, with Winter’s best reads. We got many great creative things to cram in this month. With an added name comes lots of other changes.  So let’s just get this January 2020 started! Goodbye, 2019!             Featured image: WallpapersCraft  

Best of 2019 Week

12.16.19 Hello and Good Morning everyone! It’s that time again and I’m looking for the best of things creativity that happened this year. All this week we will look at the best of 2019 has to offer. Vulture, Hollywood Reporter, and others have pretty much put their best of 2019 already and I want to know what they think was the best in art, music, film, and other formats.  The first is the best art shows in 2019…   Featured image: unknown

Editor’s Letter / December 2019

12.2.19 Vol: 7 #12 The last month of 2019 has arrived and it’s gonna be packed with really neat stuff! The Best of 2019 in art, fashion, film, music, games, photography…it will all be revealed. Normal postings like new album releases and music festivals for December will be posted, along with film updates and reviews.  There will also be postings for upcoming events happening in 2020, so please keep visiting the site for updates.  Alright, now that I got that off my chest, let’s get started…Let December 2019 begin!           Featured image: GetWallpapers