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October 31, 2014 Last of Friday Fright and it’s Halloween and what a way to end it with this terrifying legendary tale by Bobette Bryan about The Bell Witch!   The Bell Witch By Bobette Bryan One of the most notorious American ghost stories of all time is the story about the Bell Witch. The Bell Witch wasn’t really a witch, but was a ghost or possibly even a demon. Tennesseans also sometimes refer to her as “Ol’ Kate.” This entity plagued the home of John Bell, a Clarksville, Tennessee cotton plantation owner of the early nineteenth century. John and his wife, had moved to Robertson County Tennessee from North Carolina. The woman whom John Bell bought his farm from, Kate Batts, claimed, to any and all who would listen, that she had been cheated by Bell, but no one paid her any mind and dismissed her accusations as mere senile ramblings. As a result, Kate Batts swore that she would get even with John Bell, even if she had to come back from the …


October 24, 2014 Friday……The week is coming to a close and today I want to introduce the beautiful and haunting works of artist and photographer Irina Istratova.   Like it, love it? You can go to or Enjoy your Friday and weekend! Be blessed! All by Irina Istratova  courtesy of,,,,,, and