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Letter from the Editor / April 2020

4.1.2020 #4 / Vol. 8 Hello April! You might be thinking that because of this ridiculous virus, that it won’t be a lot to do…wrong! New title for this post, I like this one better. First of all, there is some new music from new artists, artists we haven’t heard from in a while, new music, new music.  Unfortunately, no music festivals right now. With this virus, these festivals are either canceled or postponed. Music Festival Wizard has that information available that I will post soon. Wanna go to a museum, but stuck at home? Well, I’m sure you have heard about virtual museum tours. You can at least see some great exhibits from the comforts of home. I will be finding a list of places you can visit online. Also online…classes. You saw and read about Atlanta School of Photography and their online classes, there are about to have some more coming soon. There are other places as well to look out for.  We spent some time with March, now let’s do the same …

Editor’s Letter: March 2020

3.1.2020 #3 / Vol. 8 Hello! March has arrived and we have quite a few things in store this month. Mandy Moore, Moby, Riz Ahmed, Alicia Keys, and many others old and new are setting up shop for new music this month. Beyond Wonderland, Treefort Music Festival, and Ultra Miami are just the latest music festivals to come in March. Twenty-two to be exact.  AWP Conference and Bookfair is on March 4-7, I will provide the schedule for this event later this week. For those who are attending, please be sure you have every I dotted and every T crossed, meaning that registration and other information is correct.  Also, I will do a wrap of Fashion Week 2020 in Milan and Paris this week too.  March is Women’s History Month so be prepared to see some creativity by past, present, and future women in all forms of art.  Let’s move on from February and dive into March!             Featured image: Wallpaper Cave

Editor’s Letter: February 2020

2.1.2020 Vol. 7 / #2 February is here! It felt like January was taking forever, but we made it. Ok, here is what’s going on this month… New music from Justin Bieber, Green Day, Ozzy Osbourne, Tame Impala, and more… Did my research for music festivals and we found eleven, from New Orleans, Miami, Long Beach to San Francisco.  This month is Black History Month and we got a few treats in art, photography…all creativity. Updates on Comic-Con 2020, AWP Conference + Bookfair 2020, and much more. Theater reviews from Playbill. Yes, added theater to the roster and I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.  I’ve decided to do something since this is February. Just have to check on the blog to see what. Goodbye January…Hello February ♥           Featured image: Blank Templates Holidays 2020      

Editor’s Letter / December 2019

12.2.19 Vol: 7 #12 The last month of 2019 has arrived and it’s gonna be packed with really neat stuff! The Best of 2019 in art, fashion, film, music, games, photography…it will all be revealed. Normal postings like new album releases and music festivals for December will be posted, along with film updates and reviews.  There will also be postings for upcoming events happening in 2020, so please keep visiting the site for updates.  Alright, now that I got that off my chest, let’s get started…Let December 2019 begin!           Featured image: GetWallpapers  

Editor’s Note / October 2019

10.1.19 Vol: 7 / #10 Ah…hello October! This year is flying by fast, maybe too fast! I have to catch my breath, but for the moment I have a lot going on this month and it’s going to be a pretty good one at that. Lots of music, poetry, literature, art, and all the other great stuff associated with fear.  Fear has many faces. We face them and brave them every day, but one thing I do know, and that’s God is not the author of it. Not only fear but a few other subjects that we face.  New music coming our way, like FKA Twigs,  film reviews, and such coming as well. I’m done talking…Goodbye September…On to October.           Featured image: Natalie Franke w/The Guardian & Wallpaper Access  

Editor’s Note: September 2019…Refreshed…Refocused

9.3.19 Volume: 7 #:9 Hello…it’s good to be back! I’ve had a month-long vacation so that I could recharge my creative batteries.  Not only do I work on this blog, but I also work at night at a university and that can make me quite exhausted. So I decided to take a month off to relax. Summer is already coming to an end and I’m soo ready for fall! In the meantime, I managed to do a little cleaning up on the blog site. Some recognizable places within the blog will change, but I am adding a few new things too. I’m also will be looking for maybe three or four people to help me run this blog. One can’t do it all. So let’s get September started…         Featured images: The Everygirl

Shadowboxerinc Under Construction…Will Return In September…

8.1.19 Vol. 7 / #8 Hello everyone! Not a whole lot going this month, because Shadowboxerinc is under construction. I will post MidWeek and Weeknd Updates, so please be on the lookout for that. You’ll see things being moved about, but don’t worry by September everything will be in place.  I don’t know if every blogger goes through this, but I’ve somewhat reached like kind of a plateau and I’ve decided to take some time to reboot. I have a slew of ideas that I want for this blog and beyond. I hope to have a few creative people on this journey that is Shadowboxerince. So goodbye July…Shadowboxerinc will be back full-on in September!         Featured image: unknown  

Editor’s Note / July 2019

7.1.19 Vol. 7 / #7 Hello! A new month has crept up upon us. This going to be a short editor’s note from me… Machine Gun Kelly has a new album coming, along with other artists, newbies, and veterans. I’m keeping my eye on the Governor’s Art Show that will be held on every weekend in September in NYC. If only could be there for that! During this time of the year there are quite a few workshops, conferences, and other events in art, literature, and other creative outlets, so I am on the lookout. Where to? You’ll have to visit the blog site for that. I always say that there will be changes to the site and that is true. I’m gonna need some help to run it soon.  So goodbye June…Hello July!         Featured image: Wallpaper HD