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Crimson Peak Fan Contest 2015 Is Closed!

August 16, 2015 In honor of Universal’s & Legendary’s upcoming film Crimson Peak, Shadowbox is holding its first fan art and writing contest! The film will premiere Friday, October 16, 2015. This contest is purely simple just follow these rules….. Set in Cumbria, in a crumbling mansion in a largely rural and mountainous region of northern England in the 19th century, young author Edith Cushing  falls in love and marries Sir Thomas Sharpe  but then discovers that her charming new husband is not who he appears to be. His home harbors ghostly, mysterious entities, which he and his sister, Lady Lucille Sharpe, desperately and fiercely try to hide. The Rules 1. Watch Trailer 2. Choose by creating your art or your story!  Fan Art: You can illustrate the characters from the film. You may use pencil, color pencil, pastel, and watercolor. Size: It can be either 8″ x 11″ or 12″ x 9″. NO DIGITAL ARTWORK! I’M ASKING FOR GOOD ‘OL OLDSCHOOL ARTWORK! Fan Fiction:  Create your fan fiction, like short stories or poetry on …


June 14, 2014 Hey all! Enjoying the weekend so far. I was supposed to do a post about Ox-Bow, but a contest by deviantART has caught my attention. THE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE The contest started a few days ago on June 10.  Here’s what you have to do: Download the three-panel template below and create your original entry using any static visual medium. Transformation time! This must be a three-stage progression that ends with you or your original character changing into a radically different person or thing submitted as a single .JPG or .PNG file fitting on the provided template. Enter your artwork into the contest by using the ENTER NOW button below. Your entry should include in the deviation description your answers to the questions they have listed. DEADLINE: JUNE 24, 2014 @11:59 PM PACIFIC TIME (PT) To enter, download template, answer the three questions, and read the official rules, go to The Transformation Challenge. Grand Prize Winners will get…. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 $1,000 from deviantART All expenses paid trip, yes you read right, …


May 17, 2014 Ahhh……the weekend is here. I’ve been keeping tabs on deviantART for any contests and there is one courtesy Anoya. This is for those who are into photography and by the looks of this contest, it’s pretty simple….for a photographer! Here are the facts that I’ve gathered: WORLD OF WATER CONTEST Two subcategories: Waterscapes Close-Ups (includes Marco photography) Main photo subject: Water all….water! Rules: Animals, plants, and nature photography only Photographs taken with a film or a digital camera featuring a minimal amount of color and exposure adjustment Deviations do have to be new, added after this contest is announced One entry (1) per person per subcategory, you can win only once There are 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners For more information on how to enter, go to Worlds of Water Contest. Ends June 30, 2014 @23:59 CEST. Simple isn’t it? That’s all for this Saturday, I hope you come back for even more Art Scene Newsletter Wednesday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and be blessed!