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April Spotlight Artist: Ai Weiwei

April 14, 2015 Hello….had an issue, but it is now put to rest! This was suppose to be posted yesterday, the second Monday of April, but things happen….the spotlight has fallen upon Ai Weiwei. I’ve wanted to do a spotlight feature on this dude for a good while now and today we get to know a bit about this man. Here’s what we know…… He’s a Chinese contemporary artist, active in sculpture, architecture, curating, installation, photography, film, even music. He’s outspoken as well as a genius. A man with many hats! Has collaborated with Swiss architects Herzog and de Meuron as an artistic consultant on the Beijing National Stadium for the 2008 Olympics. Not only that, but Weiwei has been highly and openly critical of the Chinese government’s stance on democracy and human rights. 1978, he attended the Beijing Film Academy, then Parsons School of Design, and Art Students League of New York in New York. Weiwei studied with Bruce Dorfman, Knox Martin, and Richard Poussette-Dart, while he was at Art Students League. It was also …

Spotlight: African-Americans In Art

February 9, 2015 Happy Monday, if you love Mondays….Today I have a collection of  artists, poets and writers. I decided to mix things up a bit. These chosen seven have each put their stamp in the art world, creating and weaving their own vision. Each of these videos gives a glimpse of what their work is all about.   Deborah Willis       Zora Neale Hurston       Minnie Evans       Paul Laurence Dunbar         Sam Gilliam           Emory Douglas (this is a three-part discussion)         Lorna Simpson (three-part discussion)     I hope you enjoyed this list of Spotlight talents. Come back this Saturday as we focus on Kara Walker. Be bless and enjoy your Monday! featured image by Sam Gilliam, Last September IV (1973)  


August 8, 2014 Hello! Ok….it’s Monday, right, but why is Spotlight Artist posted on a Monday? Well, Spotlight Artist will now be posted on the second Monday of each month and Dave Rapoza is September’s spotlight artist.     Who is Dave Rapoza? If you visited his website, here’s what you’ve learned so far: Freelance Illustrator & Concept Artist, self-taught, and creator of StarVeil, Skull & Shark, Black Witch, and co-creator of Steve Lichman. What else do we know about Rapoza? Well…….I’ll let his work do the talking: If you want to see more just go to There is a lot to learn about digital illustration isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this spotlight on a very talented guy. Until Wednesday…..enjoy and have a blessed Monday!


August 15, 2014 Hello there! This is a short announcement and I’m passing this on. Artsy Shark needs 36 artists for the fall and winter seasons. All visual mediums of art is accepted and is a juried submission process.  You can apply between August 13 – 21, 2014.  For more information and details please visit Artsy Shark: Call for Featured Artists 2014. I didn’t want to leave you guys out! If you are interested, go ahead and make that submission!


July 16, 2014 Hello! Tuomas Korpi was going to be this month’s Spotlight Artist, but that will be saved for August. So I decided that it will be the late Howard Finster. I saw this man’s work at the High Museum in Atlanta back in April. Finster was not only an artist, but he was also a Baptist minister. He said that he was inspired by God to spread the gospel through designing the historic art folk site, Paradise Garden, which is located Summerville Georgia.   Finster created visionary, outsider, and naïve art. At the age of 13, he became born again. He began preaching at 16. He began his artist work in the late 1940’s when he started building a garden park. Unfortunately he ran out of land, so by 1961, he moved to Pennville, Georgia, near Summerville, thus creating Paradise Garden. He retired from being a mister in 1965 and continued to create his artistic works. Finster became public in 1975, by the 80’s when he created album covers for REM and Talking …


June 9, 2014 Mornings! A new week and a new spotlight artist for this month, fantasy artist and illustrator Jee-Hyung Lee. I’ve found this Korean artist’s work on Tumblr several months ago. Each illustrator that works with digital graphic art or design have different methods. Lee’s method just take us on a journey. The colors, the subjects, just seem to take you by surprise. With beautiful women in arms, majestic knights, and strange creatures….Lee creates a mystic, fantasy world that we don’t want to wake up from. You want to live it. Not too much to tell about this artist so I will let Lee’s work do the talking. Enjoy your Tuesday!    


June 7, 2014 Evening, afternoon or morning where ever you are. I’m sure some of you may or may not know that we lost a true visionary in the art world. This man passed away on May 12. I was not only shocked, but sad because he has left a definite fingerprint with his biomechanics, gothic, dark vision. I wanted to pay tribute to him, but I wasn’t sure how. He was featured as Spotlight Artist when Esquisses was first running. H.R. Giger, as we all know was the man behind the acid-for-blood creature who brought us nightmares in Alien. His other works was seen in Poltergiest 2: The Other Side and several other films, like Species.     You can say he was a surrealist, but he was more than that. Giger was a mastermind….the man had a way of letting his mind and imagination go wild! He was not afraid of crossing boundaries. Example: Dead Kennedy’s Frankenchrist album, released in 1985. The album caused controversy because it depicts numerous penises entering vaginas. The …


May 13, 2014 Hello and good morning everyone. I hope y’all had a nice and great weekend. I’d already had it set to post this month’s artist, but I’ve pushed that for June. This artist and activist, Keith Haring is May’s Spotlight Artist. His birthday was May 4, which means he would’ve been 56. I’ve seen his work growing up, but I couldn’t place the person responsible. What I like about it was the way Haring created and pieced his work. Not only was it bold and colorful, but they all had a message. That’s what caught my attention. His works expressed the concepts of war, sexuality, birth, death and was part of the New York City street culture of the 1980s. His interest in drawing stemmed from an early age from his father, who was an amateur cartoonist. He attended the Ivy School of Professional Art in Pittsburgh to study commercial art, but soon he dropped out, due to his fading interest. He continued to work and study on his own and in 1978 …