Gamer Update: Coming Soon…New Horror Games


Hi, it’s me Robert or Rob. New here to Shadowboxerinc Factory. I will focus on the issues of gaming and photography. Now, I know something about games. I’m just not a gamer, gamer. Like twenty-four seven gamer. As my mini bio states, I’m mediocre gamer, but that doesn’t mean I can give y’all some info about upcoming games and other things gaming, right?

So, we are getting our gaming update going today. I do follow a few or more of my favorite gamers out on YouTube and I discovered a new person to follow by the name of KazzaGamesTV. He just posted a new video about new horror games coming.

I’ve also watched upcoming Asian horror games too, also from the same channel.

That is it for now, I’ll return to post more. See ya later!

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