Editor’s Letter for July 2023


Vol. 11 / #7

Hello! Just a short July letter from yours truly.

We got a few things to get off the chest, like Comic-Con 2023. The dates are Thursday, July 20 to Sunday, July 23, 2023.

As I’ve mentioned in the Reflective Close-Up post yesterday, a few or more major studios are pulling out of the event, due to the writer’s strike. I will keep a close look about it and give updates.

Album releases from Post Malone, Taylor Swift, Rita Ora, and Joni Mitchell for this month.

We haven’t been updating our book reads, but this month we will make up for it. Doing something different with the Summer 2023 reads.

Good bye June, hello July!

We were thinking of doing a weekend update, but there will be NO WEEKEND UPDATE. Enjoy your weekend.

Box Office Stats coming soon…

Featured image: Pexel & unknown

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