Reflective Close-Up: Writer’s Strike


Hello everyone! How is everybody doing? It’s been quiet here I know, but we are pretty busy not only working on this blog, we have our day jobs, and one of us is going back to school, so yeah, we are busy.

You were warned that this month was going to be slow. We do have a special reflective close-up about the writer’s strike in Hollywood. Now there are reports that actors will possibly be joining the strike. What does this mean for LaLa Land? I don’t know.

I posted this video on the widget side of this blog from Vox’s YouTube channel. Titled “How Streaming Caused the TV Writers Strike”.

I watched this video not too long ago and it’s really interesting.

Here is one from The Wall Street Journal.

Two more updates on the strike so far and how AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a part of this…

As I’m typing this I just seen that Disney, Netflix, HBO, and most major studios are pulling out at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

I will post about this in tomorrow’s Weekend Update. We will keep an eye on how the strike is going and whether or not there will be negotiations. Without the writers, the entertainment industry is in trouble.

What are your thoughts about this? Do you support the writers? What does the industry need to do? Should there be union?

Enjoy the rest of your Friday evening, be safe, healthy, happy, and blessed.

Featured image: Getty Images / The Hollywood Reporter

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