Box Office / May 19-21, 2023


Good Evening…Fast X is the new champ for the box office with a total of $67.5M. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, The Super Mario Bros Movie, Book Club: The Next Chapter, and Evil Dead Rise round out the top five. Here is the rest of the list.

Credit source: IMDb & Box Office Mojo

Top Box Office (US)

Weekend of May 19 – 21, 2023

Fast X$67.5M$67.5M1
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3$32.0M$266.5M3
The Super Mario Bros. Movie$9.8M$549.3M7
Book Club: The Next Chapter$3.0M$13.1M2
Evil Dead Rise$2.4M$64.1M5
John Wick: Chapter 4$1.3M$185.3M9
Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.$1.3M$18.7M4
Love Again$400K$5.9M3
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves$385K$92.9M8

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Now for the global or international stats…

Data as of May 21, 11:48 PDT

AreaWeekendReleases#1 ReleaseDistributorWeekend Gross
Weekend Ending May 21, 2023
ChinaMay 19-211Fast X$78,300,000
MexicoMay 19-211Fast X$16,700,000
BrazilMay 18-211Fast X$9,600,000
FranceMay 17-211Fast X$9,600,000
IndiaMay 19-211Fast X$8,600,000
IndonesiaMay 17-211Fast X$8,400,000
GermanyMay 18-211Fast X$8,000,000
United KingdomMay 19-211Fast X$7,500,000
JapanMay 20-211Fast X$7,000,000
South KoreaMay 19-211Fast X$6,700,000
ItalyMay 18-211Fast X$6,500,000
SpainMay 19-211Fast X$5,200,000
ThailandMay 18-211Fast X$4,800,000
AustraliaMay 18-211Fast X$4,500,000
TürkiyeMay 19-211Fast X$2,555,000
ColombiaMay 18-211Fast X$2,545,000
NetherlandsMay 18-211Fast X$1,994,000
VietnamMay 19-211Fast X$1,784,000
Hong KongMay 18-211Fast X$1,565,000
PolandMay 19-211Fast X$1,519,000
AustriaMay 18-211Fast X$1,478,000
BelgiumMay 17-211Fast X$1,465,000
PortugalMay 18-211Fast X$1,363,000
New ZealandMay 18-211Fast X$1,081,000
NorwayMay 19-211Fast X$1,051,000

Can Fast X hang on to the top next week? We’ll just have to see next week. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, be safe, happy, healthy, and blessed.

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