MidWk Update…Catching Up on Fashion


Good Afternoon! Hope you guys are doing well! We are doing a whole lot better over here. Carys has told you for sure how we were feeling for the last week, but we are back and we need to finish Fashion Week.

We have been keeping track at what designs made it’s way to Paris. The dates were February 27 to March 7, so we caught it just in time. Thank you to the FF Channel, they can show you what happened at the city of lights.

These I can see myself wear! ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Some pieces I liked, but some not so.

I want the whole thing!

The robots look more interesting than the clothes, yes?


See a few that I like โค


Ok! That should be it from Paris! We will post others that we might have missed later on this weekend.

Hope you liked the latest designs…until next time.

Featured image: Sortir a Paris

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