Fashion Week London 2023


The weekend is finally here and we need to get started with London Fashion Week or Fashion Week London. I forget how close these Fashion Week shows are. We just finished New York Fashion week a few days ago and now we go across the pond into London. Let’s see what these designers got in store.

Thanks to FF Channel.

There are a few pieces I would wear from this collection.

I’m liking this collection…a lot!


Color and Creativity…😎

I think that is it! I did enjoy the designs, my favorites…Paul & Joe, Burberry, and Erdem. There is more to come from Milan.

Featured image: Page Six

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2 Comments on “Fashion Week London 2023”

  1. I’m thinking the designers have not friends who will tell them the truth. The homeless people in Chicago have more style than most of what was in the videos. And how could anyone look at the clothing when all one could think about was what was hanging in front of the model’s faces. Hair, strings? What. No joy in any of them. Nothing that would make anyone think…wow! I love that. Dead people in bad, or no make up, wearing water wings, oversized coats, sweaters with one arm held to their body and HATS. Let’s not forget the huge, distracting, winter hats and hats that looked like they were from some kind of arctic cult. I love fashion shows and have enjoyed the ones you have shown in the past, but these…I had to turn the sound off on them because it was so depressing. Between the death music and the dead models with hats and hair in their faces…just way over the top. The last video had a couple of things someone would wear, but that’s about it. Sorry, but just wanted you to know what an average person thinks. Why did all of them have to be so joyless? Awful.

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