Editor's Letter

Editor’s Letter / September 2022

Vol. 10 / #9

Hello…I know, I know, this should’ve been posted Thursday, but when you have a bit more on your plate, your time is limited.

Today will make up for it. We have quite a lot of things to put on the blog. Fall is pretty much around the corner and I cannot wait! We got some new tunes coming this month, along with some shows…some new, some returning. I have heard some positive things about Game of Thrones: House of Dragon. My tv game has been nilch and I know I need to do a lot of catching up.

Fall reads 2022 list is coming next week. I found that Time magazine has their list of The 33 Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2022. Can’t wait to see that list.

I will be adding some segments for the blog. The first is about my returning to college, and ticker tape news from all the creative subjects this blog covers.

Ok, so I think I have everything covered for now. We already starting September, so let us begin.

Featured image: Pexel

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