Creative Close-Up

Creative Close-Up…Sort of


Hello again! I wouldn’t call this a creative close-up, but I wanted to just let you know what’s up with the blog.

Don’t worry, Shadowboxerinc Factory is staying put. I’ve been pretty busy with other things outside of Shadowboxerinc.

For the past few weeks, I’ve decided to go back to school. Some of you know that I work at a university in the state of Georgia. The name of the school is Columbus State University. That’s where I work and now I’m a student and I’m really liking it.

There will still be a creative close-up segment at the end of each month. Just not for August.

I will be writing about my time as a CSU student. I will post it this weekend.

Of course there hasn’t been too much of music, because I haven’t heard anything interesting…except Beyonce…maybe September will be better.

There will be one more post to end the month of August. It’s time to reflect.

Featured image: Pexel

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