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Hello! This is no weekend update. As I said Thursday, I will be doing my review of the new Predator film, Prey and today is the day. I have seen some reviews about the new entry into the Predator franchise and so far, the reviews have been positive.

Naru (Amber Midthunder) vs. the predator. Image source: The Irish Times

This is a different type of Predator film. Set 300 years ago, in 1719, we encounter a young Comanche woman named Naru. Even though she’s trained to be a healer, she wants to be a hunter too. While hunting a deer, Naru sees something in the sky. She thinks it’s a thunderbird, but’s really the Predator’s ship….Naru takes this as a sign to prove herself to be a great hunter.

I really enjoyed this film. This is better than the 2018 Predator…and that’s the truth. Sorry no spoilers! You need to see it for yourself.

The cinematography (Jeff Cutter did a great job) was beautiful. They filmed it in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, which I’m not surprised, you see all the angles they used to capture nature in it’s glory.

The predator on the hunt and doesn’t discriminates. Image source:

The plot was decent. You have the Comanche tribe, surviving among the environment, learning the ways, just basically surviving through life. The actors did well, with Amber Midthunder as the heroine Naru.

When we saw the trailer, we pretty much rolled our eyes, with how Naru answered the question. Anyway, this character is pretty well written. She follows her brother Taabe (Dakota Beavers) and the other tribesmen to hunt. We see Naru learning and paying attention to how to hunt, even though the guys give her a hard time. She’s not content to be gathering herbs and what not, but she wants to hunt, to learn to hunt. I don’t think she wants to be the greatest warrior/hunter. She makes mistakes, but at the end, the experiences and circumstances she faces, she comes out as a skilled hunter, not the greatest, but skilled.

Hunting the tracks…Image source: The Wrap

The predator (Dan DiLiegro)….I liked it ALOT. The design was awesome. This is a primitive predator, with a great assembly of weapons, there is one scene where the predator slaughters a group Frenchmen, fur traders, and I can’t tell you how, but for those of you who have seen it, you pretty much know what scene I’m talking about. The only issue I had with the predator was the honeycomb like cloaking. It was pretty sloppy at some points. I will say the predator covered in the blood of the bear, was pretty neat. You want blood, you get blood.

Sarii, Naru’s dog. Loved the dog! Image source: UPROXX

Director Dan Trachtenberg did great job, I’m not familiar with his work, he has directed a short film, an episode of Black Mirror, but he’s not too familiar, but of course with this film, that will change.

All in all, is Prey perfect? No, but if you want to enjoy a just a good movie, this is it. I can say Prey is a fair film to be a part of the Predator franchise, a good replacement for the 2018 film.

Prey premiered on Hulu, Friday, August 5.


Directed by: Dan Trachtenberg
Screenplay: Patrick Aison
Starring: Amber Midthunder
Dakota Beavers
Dan DiLiegro

Featured image: IGN SEA

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