Letter from the Editor / July 2022


Hello everyone! I’m back and ready to get crazy creative! Time away was great and it was what I really needed.

So we are now in the half of 2022…time is going indeed. I’ve been cleaning up the blogsite for the last few weeks. Music, and the regular staples will be on the site, but you have also seen a few changes on the left side of the site and now there should be some updated videos and nick knacks. If not, it will be up soon!

British band Black Midi is coming with a new album….

Comic-Con is coming back to San Diego this year! I know that some or most of you have already gotten your passes to go and are excited too, but please be careful…we’re still not out of this Rona mess yet.

Happy Happy Joy Joy…..

This month is not as busy, but it will have quite a few things to talk about. Other than that…let’s get July going!

Featured and other images: Pitchfork, Comic-Con, & Pexel

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