Reflections…Time to Pause


Hello! I hope everyone is doing well. Lately, I’ve been in a reflective mood. I’ve also been itching to start creating some art, write, and do other creative things lately.

With that note, I’ve made the decision to push the pause button on this blog site. This month in June there will be no activity. There will be some updates to the site. The box office will be the only thing updated. Carys and I will return in July though, so don’t worry.

During this time, I know I will be inspired by other bloggers and creatives too. I think I will enjoy that the most.

There is a time when you have to take a pause and reflect on what matters. Give yourself to clear your mind. Focus not only on your creative wellbeing, but also physical, spiritual, and most of all mental. So for those of you who are probably in the same point in your life, take the time to pause for minute or so and reflect.

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday…almost said Monday 😆, enjoy the month of June, be safe, healthy, and blessed.


Image source: Pexel

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