Editor's Letter

Editor’s Letter / May 2022


Vol. 10 / #5

Hello and Good Morning from April into May. Let’s first start off with Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, focusing on Asian and Pacific Islander creatives making waves in the creative community.

Image: Swing Education

New music to come this month from Arcade Fire, Halestorm, Alfie Templeman, and more. Music Festival Wizard has a whole lot of music festivals for this month so it looks like we have to see what festivals are available in your area.

Alfie Templeman / Image: The Forty-Five

I know I haven’t been keeping up with any reads, but that is changing for this month, but we are doing something different this time, so keep yourselves updated.

I will be updating the blog site throughout the month with new contents, so please check it out.

Now, lets get into the month of May.

Featured image: Pexel

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