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Afternoon everyone! It’s Friday and I’m glad that it is Friday, but first things first. This is just a blog update. I plan on doing these because you guys need to know what is going on with Shadowboxerinc. So you are going to be seeing these updates quite a lot.

If you look on the right side of the site, you have three videos that involve the sections of art, music, film, tv, fashion, comics, photography, literature, and all other forms of creativity.

All three are from IGN, The Hollywood Reporter, the Tate. I will be rotating these videos at the beginning of the week.

Of course I shouldn’t be posting tomorrow, but I do have three blog posts to publish. The first is from CFDA Scholarship 2022, another competition from  The 36th Chelsea International Fine Art Competition, and a post about Andre Leon Talley.

So check up on the blog site tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your Friday, be safe, healthy, and blessed.

Featured image: Pexel

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