Editor’s Letter for January 2022


#1 / Vol. 10

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022! The new year has arrived and it’s time to start this blog anew.

First off, is there any new music for January 2022? Why yes! Jethro Tull, Alice Glass, Orlando Weeks, and Elvis Costello and the Imposters have new albums coming this month.

Alice Glass / Image source: Pitchfork

The San Diego Brew Festival and nine other music festivals are on hand this month. There will be updates on the AWP Conference & Bookfair in Philadelphia this year. If you remembered I posted this I think back in November.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Updates from The Writer and Artshow. Will there be a Comic-Con this year? I don’t know, but we’ll just have to see. Speaking of writing, there will be a bit more added to the literature section, along with music and gaming.

You will see some changes in the coming months to the blog. The more the better! Let’s not waste any time…Goodbye 2021, Hello January 2022!

Featured Image: Pexel

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