Letter from the Editor / December 2021


#12 / Vol. 9

Hello! The final month of 2021 is here. I don’t think there is a lot going on this month, but that doesn’t mean there will be some great creative things coming.

Moses Sumney: 'Men are entitled to find what socially responsible worth  they have' | The Independent | The Independent
Image source: The Independent

My favorite musician Moses Sumney is back with some new music, along with Rick Ross, and Jeff Parker.

I haven’t been posting any new art competitions in a while, but I will be working on that this month, including some more writing contests from The Writer.

I didn’t touch on any new books for Fall 2021. I don’t know why I didn’t, but this month I will make up for it.

The AWP Conference: Is It for Crime Writers? · Twin Cities Sisters in Crime
Image source: Twin Cities Sisters in Crime

Music festivals, upcoming fashion shows, and AWP Conference 2022 is coming and there will be information on that.

Goodbye November, Hello December!

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