Creative Close-Up

Creative Close-Up: Interview with an Artist


Morning! I know, this should’ve been posted yesterday, but you know, the wifi is acting up so, today is a good day. and it’s time for a Creative Close-Up. This month’s close-up is with an interview with Alessandra Sorrentino, who is a story artist and 2D animator, who is featured on Bobby Chiu‘s YouTube channel.

Sorrentino has worked with Netflix, Disney, Cartoon Network, and more. She’s even worked on Oscar-nominated films, such as The Secrets of Kells, Song of the Sea, The Breadwinner, and Wolfwalkers. She is currently working as a story artist with PIXAR Animation Studios. You can go to her website,

Enjoy your Wednesday, be safe, healthy, and blessed.

Featured image: Alessandra Sorrentino

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