Child’s Play (1988)


Hello…The last day of October is here, the end of Spooky season and I have two more films left. Child’s Play from 1988…I just watched this recently. I can’t remember how many times that I’ve watched it, but I remember a few key scenes. Directed by Tom Holland, the screenplay written by Holland, Don Mancini, and John Lafia, this film has gained a cult following.

A single mom gets a doll for her only child’s birthday, but discovers that the doll is possessed by a serial killer.

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Look what Mommy got for you Andy!

I don’t have a fear of dolls, but seeing Chucky wouldn’t sit well with me. The thought of a doll being possessed with a serial killer is scary. Brad Dourif, who play the serial killer and provided the voice of Chucky, was the right choice. I can’t think of anyone else that can play this part.

No batteries!

One more to go….

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