Horror Films from the 80’s: The Fly (1986)


Hello! I’m sure most of your have grew up on horror films from the classical 70’s or 80’s. Well, today until Halloween, I will be showing you guys some films that have stayed with me or haunted me.

The Fly (1986) - IMDb
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This first one is The Fly from 1986 starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. It’s a remake of the classic The Fly from 1958. Directed by David Cronenberg, Goldblum plays scientist Seth Brundle, who has worked and invented a teleportation device. Later on, he tests himself and it’s a successful teleportation, but something goes horribly wrong when a housefly slips in with him during the process. You can only image what goes on from there! A horrifying merge of man and insect.

When I think of body horror, Cronenberg comes to mind. It’s one of the best version of the original because of the effects of Brundle’s transformation of man to fly.

Love this scene…the look of realization and horror! If you haven’t seen this film, be prepared. It’s pretty gross, but the cast and the story is really good. I recommend it…if you have a strong stomach!

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