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Good Morning or Afternoon! Creative Close-Up has arrived with some very useful and good articles from my favorite site, The Writer. Click on these articles below.

Credit source: The Writer

The art of not writing

The art of not writing is a key tool for writers. Here’s how and when to use it … Read More“The art of not writing”

On finding confidence as a new writer

In what other endeavor in life are we so preoccupied with whether something is “good” right out of the gate … Read More“On finding confidence as a new writer”

The definitive guide to “show, don’t tell”

‘Show, don’t tell’ is great advice…in theory. In practice, it’s not that simple. We asked six acclaimed authors for their best advice … Read More“The definitive guide to “show, don’t tell””

What to do when your writing goes viral

A guide to sorting through agent offers, getting your book proposal just right, and making sure you still have more to say after a million … Read More“What to do when your writing goes viral”

2020 100-Word Contest Winner: “Perennial”

Read the grand-prize winner of our first-ever 100-Word Contest … Read More“2020 100-Word Contest Winner: “Perennial””

Your 10 biggest grammar woes, solved

A guide to commas, clauses, commonly mixed-up words, and more, with can’t-fail tricks to keep your writing clean … Read More“Your 10 biggest grammar woes, solved”


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Reaching readers in the midst of a pandemic

Plan a DIY writing retreat this summer

8 products your outdoor office needs this summer

When should writers return to old, abandoned work?

I hope these articles gave you some inspiration for today. Enjoy your Monday, be safe, healthy, and blessed.

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