Shadow News / 6.7.21


Afternoon! Hope everyone enjoyed their long 4th of July weekend like I did. I’m sure some of you noticed that there was no Box Office yesterday…because I didn’t want to post it, since it was a holiday weekend. If you want to know the films that made the list, please go to and click here.

Other news, I will be on vacation for the last two weeks of this month, so there will be a guest blogger to take care of the posts for those weeks ahead. There won’t be too much to post since it is a bit quiet from now until late August.

Comic-Con@Home 2021 is already around the corner. For those who have already registered and have received the information, I hope you have a great time, despite the fact that you’re not able to travel to the acutal event, but as I said, next year will be the year.

So that’s what’s happening with Shadowboxerinc Factory. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday, be always safe, healthy, and blessed.


Featured image: Pexel

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