Editor’s Letter / July 2021


Vol. 9 / #7

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Hello! A new month has arrived, halfway through 2021. Not much going on this month. New album releases, music festivals, and other things.

As you can see there have been changes going on in the blog. New add ons have been revealed and there will be more changes coming up. I can only hope and pray that I have some help along the way.

Comic-Con@Home 2021 will be here soon. I’ve already put out a few blog posts about all the details. July 23-25 are the dates for this event.

For the last two weeks of this month, I will be taking a break from the blog. I need to refresh myself, give my brain some space, and look at what I can do to move Shadowboxerinc forward. There will be a guest blogger taking over for those two weeks.

So let’s say goodbye to June and hello to July!

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