Wknd Update: SeeMe Open Call Nature/Nurture


Evening all! Got a few things to pass along to you. First thing, SeeMe has an open call, Open Call Nature/Nurture. Read below for more details…

Credit source: SeeMe

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Where does your inspiration come from? Is it a deep part of your soul, your origins, maybe passed down from one generation to the next? Or is it born from circumstances, challenges, lived experiences or observed environments? Maybe it is both.

Regardless of the source of your inspiration, ‘show us who you, what has shaped you, and what influences have converged to lead you to your ‘true north’, Submit to Nature Nurture as we build a new world for 2021.

Nature / Nurture explores the mysteries of human and artificial inspiration during a time when all creators are challenged to find their muse or just grapple with artists’ block.


Annual Membership ($124 USD)

NATURE / NURTURE – Entry Ticket – 6 Artworks ($39 USD)

NATURE / NURTURE – Entry Ticket – 2 Artworks ($25 USD)


  • Two Grand Prizes – $2500 USD Each
  • Five artists selected for SeeMe Collection on Meural
  • Five artists selected for 90 day installation @ The Yard in NYC
  • 10 select artists will be featured in the Nature / Nurture Exhibition Catalogue
  • Finalists invited to join SeeMe Gallery
  • Custom social media campaign


  • TBD, Lower Manhattan Gallery Space, NYC
  • Indoor & Outdoor Installation


  • All competition entries are completed through an online submission form that each participant receives via email after purchasing their entry ticket or membership.
  • Submissions from the following mediums are accepted: Photography, Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Printmaking, Collage Art, Mixed Media, Digital Art, and Video Art.
    • If a participant’s work does not match any of these mediums, there is an “other” option available when they select their medium on the submission form.
  • When uploading artwork, all files must be named in the following format: the artist’s full name followed by the title of the artwork.
    • For example, “Vincent van Gogh, Starry Night”.
  • We ask that participants upload image files of the highest resolution possible at a maximum file size of 5MB per image (accepted image filetypes are JPG, JPEG, and PNG).
  • Video submissions are made by entering direct links to videos in the submission form.
    • Video submissions work best by uploading files to a platform like Youtube or Vimeo and then copy-pasting the URLs into the submission form.
    • Video files such as MP4, MOV, and AVI are not accepted.
  • All entries must be completed by the submission deadline: May 14th, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.

enter now learn more about how our competitions work

For those that are interested, you have plenty of time before May 14! Good Luck!

Enjoy the rest of your Saturday, be safe, healthy and blessed!

Featured and other images: Alessandra B-B & Pexel

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